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  1. Jenn, I thought I'd let you know that I finished my 28 page marketing research paper and now have 1 accounting final to go until FREEDOM from school and countdown to my cruise! Nice feeling indeed!
  2. 2 ports on a 7 day cruise does suck, but if you stop to consider the situation what else could be done? Tell the sick crew member "Tough, you may die but dangit we're giving these passengers 3 ports of call". I do believe cruises bring this on themselves to an extent though. As a marketing major I learned that it's ALWAYS best to promise low and over deliver- set customer expectation at a very manageable level. By marketing these ships as the perfect vacation they set up customer expectations that are near impossible to meet, much less exceed. I would look at missing a port of call this way- if you were FLYING somehwere and got delayed a day, you'd be sitting in some crummy airport hotel with nothing to do. Being delayed a day and missing a port on a ship? - you get to party in the Carribean with pure sunshine, activities, drinks, and entertainment. I'll take the cruise scenario anyday.
  3. I just read the Carnival story about the man being booted for basically trying to incite an uprising on the ship. First off, the captain was RIGHT. Safety is always first and if it takes all night to help someone then so be it. This man lost ONE day in Jamaica, is on vacation, and yet still found the need to ruin everyone elses' cruise by pulling that crap. 2nd point- I was in Grand Cayman for the new year when the tenders from different cruise ships got the CRAP beat out of them. I remember this vividly because I was eating lunch in Georgetown, watching these tenders being beat up in those seas and thinking "How are these people getting off?" Later that day I got in a taxi and the driver said the cruise ships passengers are all furious because they have to take a longer taxi ride to the other side of the island, where the wind is not as strong. (Keep in mind- this taxi ride was PAID by the cruise lines, so the passengers paid nothing). I couldn't believe people would complain about a cruise line making it more safe for them to get back on. I then asked why the ships even came in the first place, considering the terrible winds. The driver said that the last time the weather was like that, cruise ship passengers went ballistic on board claiming that they want refunds and compensation, etc. My question- how can cruise lines make it CLEAR that while you're on vacation, safety supercedes any port of call? I think they should honestly publish something that gives every regulation and procedure for operating a cruise ship in a port. For instance, the nutjob on the Carnival ship claimed that the captain should have gone straight to Grand Cayman and let them off earlier there. It's just too bad for him that you can't do that since other ships are in port and there's a limit to how many can be in at once for safety concerns. PS- If a man tried to incite an uprising on an airplane, he'd be in jail right now.
  4. Disney is a customer satisfaction MONSTER! They survey, survey, survey, and survey to find out exactly what their customers want. I've never seen a company cash in on customer satisfaction the way Disney has- and apparently it's also present with the cruise line.
  5. My favorite to date was last spring's 7 day cruise on the Explorer. I went with 3 of my friends for spring break and we had as much fun as allowable. Honorable Mentions: -Spring 2006 on NCL Sun with 6 friends -3 years ago on Carnival with my best friend (and soon to be married)
  6. Hey all. I did Explorer last spring for a week long cruise. It is by far my favorite ship to date- everything about it was just AWESOME. This May I'm doing another RCCL cruise for a wedding- this time on Enchantment out of Ft. Lauderdale. What are the major differences, similarities, etc? I know it's a smaller ship but is the difference noticeable? Are there any services not offered on Enchantment that Explorer offered? Thanks in advance!
  7. Oh and here's additional advice I thought of: -Go Eastern Carribean: kids at my school almost ALWAYS went on western car. cruises that hit Mexico and Belize, etc. Both cruises I did were western carribean. I really think an Eastern cruise would have less kids. -Longer cruises are more expensive which = less poor college kids. -Cozumel is Cozumel. That is the only port of call that I came back on board really, really drunk and probably annoying. Accept that people may be more annoying than usual when you get back on the ship, because those Mexicans POUR tequilla down your throat. But look on the bright side- all those kids will be passed out by 6 and you have the boat to yourself that night! HAHA! (I never made it to 7 on Cozumel days).
  8. I'm 23 and out of college (barely) but I did 2 spring break cruises. Both times my ship was full of college kids (NCL and RCCL). It was definitely a little bit more rowdy than usual, and maybe a few things weren't to the older crowd's liking- but nothing like what that review said. I saw no puke, no yelling outside, no wrestle matches. Yes there were a lot of drunk students on board (myself included) but for the most part they were civil. We actually befriended our older table mates and they partied harder than we did. If you're REALLY concerened then I'd advise upgrading to a balcony or upper level room where students probably can't afford. Although my cabin was always surrounded by spring breakers and I never heard yelling or anything else.
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