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  1. It was the Imagination Dining room for us last week. Perfect waiting area too. You can hear all the music from the atrium bar one level down.
  2. Good morning, The CD's name was Marty and he was really great and very friendly. I think I read on his FB page that he is leaving and headed for Carnival Fantasy in September. There was another young guy that did lots with him, but I don't recall his name. Another great girl was Amber. She is from Delaware from a town about 45 minutes from us which is why she caught my eye. She is super energetic and we really enjoyed her too. We did the karaoke on our last sea day last Friday. It was held in the Romeo and Juliet lounge. It was fun and I really don't sing well what-so-ever! 🙂 It was held in the late afternoon if I remember correctly. Most of the trivia games were help in that lounge also. We did the Friends trivia which we thought we would do great...........well we didn't. But it was lots of fun. (Amber did this trivia game.) My favorite music game was on the last night in the Atrium Bar on the 7th floor. I think I mentioned it last night in my original post. It was packed and it was divided by sides.....there had to have been a couple hundred people in the bar area and lined all around the floors above. We had an absolute ball. Our Chefs Table dinner was last Thursday at 6:15 after our Amber Cove port. We met in the Atrium again and were greeted with glasses of champagne. Our group consisted of the seven of us and then three other couples....I think the max is 14. The Soux Chef met us and told us about the galley and then took us in there where we had some small, but amazing appetizers. The head pastry chef spoke about the melting cake and how they make it. If you want to know they make about 970 each day. 🙂 After about 30 minutes we headed to the library where our dinner was all set up. It was seven courses with either Pinot Grigio or a Merlot. The dishes were so good and just a perfect size. Nothing that you would get in the dining room. Eduardo was the head of this, he is the soux chef. He was so funny any very informative. We had an "intermission" where a table artist, aka magician came out and did some very good card tricks for about ten minutes. WHat a cool job to have. I was so full after this dinner, more so than any other night. It was totally worth the money. The ship is small, the smallest we have been on. When we pulled in to Grand Turk Carnival Pride was already there. (We live on the eastern shore of MD and see the Pride travel under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge quite often.) I thought that was a small ship. One of the fun team members heard me saying this and he said our ship was like a dinghy compared to the Pride. He did also say, the Elation has everything most other ships have and mostly on the same deck. True statement. Only took me a few hours to figure my way around. The ship appeared to be in great shape and quite clean. It is small that is true. I wish the pool was bigger. The serenity deck was nice, just wish there was a pool not just a hot tub up there. I know there is no room for that. But it was nice to get away up there. We really loved the slide. It was not teeming with people and we adults had a ball on the slides. 🙂 I had a great time, wish it were longer. No cruise is long enough though. I really wished we had more time in Amber Cove. We were ready to take a taxi to another beach. I am not a huge fan of cruise ship run ports. So, if you are worried about the DR here....don't be. It is a secure port with fencing all the way around. The pool got crowded once another ship came in. We spent the last 90 minutes walking around the shops. We were there from 9-2 We LOVED Grand Turk. We got off the ship and walked left on the beach and headed to Jacks Shack. Best day!!! Umbrella and two chairs is $14. The food here is amazing. Oh my gosh the jerk chicken and cracked conch was the best!! Drinks were yummy also. The water is beautiful. They have been hit hard by hurricanes and you will see some cars that haven't been removed, but the people were lovely. I would go back in a heart beat. Oh and the dogs...........its a shame I couldn't sneak one home. I fell in love with all of them. Sorry so long, Sandi
  3. We just got back from a five day cruise on the Elation and had a fantastic time!! We went to Grand Turk and Amber Cove. We LOVED Grand Turk and had the best time at Jacks Shack. Amber Cove was fine and safe, wish we could have left port had we had more time. The food was quite good. I didn't have anything that I didn't like. We splurged for my girlfriend and her hubby's 20 anniversary and went to the Chefs Table last Thursday. It was $90 per person and so worth it. We had so much fun! The food was amazing, it also included wine. Dinner lasted three hours and was so informative. We enjoyed the comedy shows and all the music trivia. The best one was the last night in the atrium bar and was 80's and 90' trivia. It was packed. Deepak at the bar was always awesome there!! We never went to the pool as it was WAY too crowded. Wish it were bigger. We spent a lot of time at the slide where there were always empty chairs and the seven of us had a ball on the slides. The Serenity deck was nice....even on warm days the hot tubs felt a bit refreshing. We all had the drink package. Twice we, (well a few of the seven) met the limit...........but we met the limit at like 1am and probably had our first around 11. We recommend to get a bottle of water with every drink. It makes a difference. Feel free to ask questions and I am happy to answer. Sandi
  4. Maybe you were there at a busy time. We live not far from DC and go there fairly often and my husband works there. Yes, it does have a homeless population, but I have never been approached by them. They do frequent a park near 14th.......Sorry you experienced this, but DC is a great town. Hope you visit again soon. 🙂
  5. Good evening, We were just in Amber Cove last Thursday on the Elation. I am not a fan of cruise line owned ports, but this one was fine. I was able to buy some local items which is always top priority. There is one restaurant there at the top of the resort and then one smaller one where all the shops are. It is completely controlled by Carnival and it is a secure area.....meaning people just can't come into the port. The area looked beautiful. We were there from 9-2, had we been there until 4:00 we would have taken a taxi to a local beach, sorry can't recall the name, and would have rented chairs and umbrellas. I would not be nervous to eat the food. I do think the cases are very isolated and on the other side of the island. There is nothing wrong with being cautious, but you will be fine in this port. There is also a very tall fence around the perimeter of Amber Cove. I paid $20 to zip line for the day.....to rent an umbrella was like $20 which we did not pay. We enjoyed the slide, and the lazy river. We were only in the pool area for about two hours or so and then went to shop. Oh, we did eat up at the top and had a couple drinks. We had a fun day, but I would have preferred to have left the port area. It ended up getting very crowded when the second ship came into port. Good luck, you will have fun no matter what you decide.............you are on a cruise after all. 🙂 Take care, Sandi
  6. We have never bought the pass before and we leave tomorrow from Port Canaveral. What time can we start boarding.......we plan to leave Tampa by 8:00. Thank you, sandi
  7. Someone in our grouped asked when do the bars close on the ship. I thought midnight? thank you sandi
  8. Hi cruise friends, Just wanted to see if anyone had these to share? We leave on Monday and wanted to check them out. Thank you, Sandi
  9. I love all of your tuxes and how your wife compliments you perfectly. 🙂
  10. I should note that when I go to add it to our cart it gives us a time of check-in 12-1, our check in now without it is from 12-12:30. Even with the check-in time of 12:00-12:30, would we still potentially be waiting in very long lines?? Thank you, Sandi
  11. Sorry I have not read each reply. But, for those who bought this did you like it and was it worth the money. For our upcoming Elation cruise, it will be $79 per cabin. We have a check-in time right now for 12:00. Is getting the pass worth it since we seem to be getting on early. We have never cruised where we were able to pick a time to check_in on the ship. Thank you for your opinions......oh we are cruising with five other people. Sandi
  12. Oops yes I do mean DR😳. We are in Queen Anne’s County😊. Love it on this side😊😊
  13. We have signed up for The Chefs table on the Elation in June. So excited to try this. 🙂
  14. We sail on the Elation June 24th to Grand Turk and Dominica. We are so excited. Thank you for posting the menus, very helpful. We are also going to purchase the cheers package. Did it work out for you? Any tips for us? Is there a club of sorts at night for dancing? Thank you, Sandi
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