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  1. We had a great time doing the buggies. We were picked up from the cruise port and taken to the main base. After getting our instructions, we drove through a lot of countryside and some driving on the road. We stopped at a beautiful beach, where we could stay pretty much as long as we wanted before starting back. It was definitely very bumpy in places, going through some water and getting muddy! So as it says on the website, wear something that you won't mind throwing away! I would also suggest not wearing contact lenses or jewelry that will get muddy. I would recommend the excursion. There were 6 of us and we all had a great time.
  2. We will be doing this next week. I will let you know how it goes!
  3. We have been to Barbados 3x before, but this time would just like to go to a nice beach with good drinks, flying fish sandwich and macaroni pie, any suggestions? I am sorry if this has been asked before. Turtles would be a plus also. Thank you so much!
  4. We had also done Javin previously and it was a great tour. Contacted him again for this year and he never bothered to respond. We have also used Ponciana tours for a walk through the rainforest and they were very good. I would recommend them also.
  5. We have done the tour with Javin, and it was one of the best tours we have ever done over 13 years cruising! I am looking to do it again on our cruise in the spring. Do not worry, it is a great tour!
  6. When we have transferred our booking from celebrity to AAA, whatever OBC AA offered they said we could not have because Celebrity would not allow it. I asked Celebrity about it and they said that was true, so how are other travel agents allowed to give obc? We usually book onboard and get additional obc because of booking onboard, if that is the difference?
  7. sometimes we go to the grocery store at the port, buy some beer and snacks, take a taxi to a beach for the day.Make sure you make arrangements for them to pick you up also.
  8. We were on the Silhouette last year. We all had the classic package and made sure to ask only for drinks that were covered. My kid was charged almost $40.00 for 2 Moscow mules. I had him go to guest services to get it removed. The man at the desk refused so I talked to him and he admitted he did not have the authority to do it but sent me to someone who did remove it. If he was only charged a couple dollars difference we would not have complained, but the whole thing for sure! I could not believe the drink would cost that much, but the bartender verified the amount of course with the gratuities added. He did not have to sign either, so it was a surprise!
  9. we always get one of these from our Travel agent. It does help to get on the ship a bit early, but depending on the line, it sometimes does not matter, hope this helps!
  10. If you are docking in Falmouth, we have taken tours 2x with Peate Taylor, to the blue hole and river tubing. Both times it was an excellent tour and I would do it again! look him up!
  11. Probably too late now for that, I am the parent telling my kid what to do, lol! We were suppose to be on that cruise now, but hubby had to have emergency surgery, so we had to cancel. We did have insurance for the air and cruise, so now dealing with the paperwork. Hopefully everything works out! Guess I will find out tomorrow when they get off the ship. Just frustrating for anyone trying to book on board.
  12. It states, 2 free perks, beverage pkg, tips, wifi, or 150.00 obc until April 4. It is just a cruise next March out of SJ to the Caribbean, nothing special. They had an appointment this evening onboard, I am hoping they got a different person than first time, If they still will not give it to him I told him we will just book ourselves. I thought it was a good price for the cruise. They had to buy RC beverage package for this cruise, plus pay grat. It all seems to even out in the end, but we would be happy with the Celebrity price with the perks. Just trying to get the perks that are offered.
  13. My family are on Adventure of the Seas now. They went to the future cruise desk to book Celebrity for next year. Royal is telling them there are no perks on Celebrity, only obc, when clearly on Celebrity's website it says what the perks are!! Anyone else have this issue? I told him not to book if they say that, which is a shame!
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