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  1. We had veranda cabin 4141 for our Hawaiian cruise in November 2018. We loved in it! Close to the elevators, but not noisy. The cabin stewards were wonderful. The whole cruise was just fantastic. We plan on doing it again in a year or two.
  2. I put $20 cash in to start. Machines will take cash. If you win, and I won enough the first night to play the rest of our seven day cruise, you can put the money on your card and then access from your card later.
  3. Thank you all so much! That is exactly what I wanted to know. Cannot wait to do this cruise!
  4. We are looking at doing one of the 20 or 22 day cruises that go to Antarctica, probably in 2021. The itinerary shows 4 days called Antarctic Experience. Can anyone tell me what happens on those four days? We definitely can’t afford to add the $3499 excursion I saw that actually puts you on the continent. Just wondering how close you get and what goes on during those four days.
  5. We’ve always gotten our cabin assignment about 7-14 days before the cruise. So it will be awhile before you get yours. You will get several upgrade offers between now and then.
  6. It’s an adventure at my house. Seven day cruise - no, honey, you don’t need seven pair of pants, seven pair of shorts, seven pair of sweatpants, and 21 various shirts for a seven day cruise. I’m packed in about three hours. Takes two days to pare his down so it fits in the suitcase. Every time!
  7. I wish we could! But when you live in Oklahoma and like to cruise, you pretty much have to fly.
  8. We had three suitcases on our Hawaii cruise on the Eurodam. We put all of them under the bed without a problem.
  9. There was a quilting group on our cruise to Hawaii last November on the Eurodam. They were set up in two-three rooms on the same deck as the shops. If I hadn’t been walking by I would never have known they were on the ship.
  10. Oosterdam - July 28 - 7 day Alaska - cruising with my husband, my 88-year-old dad (who will celebrate 89 on board), and my aunt.
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