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  1. lyttleone1977

    Port in New Orleans

    I have the Hilton Riverside booked. Everything I have found is that it is an easy walk through the mall to get to the port. Sent from my LG-K371 using Forums mobile app
  2. I'm so glad you had a great trip, and the review was perfect length. Too much gets to be, well too much. And FYI, this is your sister :) (In case the picture of my crazy family doesn't show up).
  3. lyttleone1977

    Breeze transfer to Costa?

    Personally, if they do get it salvaged and retrofitted, I do not know if I would ever sail her. Think about it, every noise, bang , everything, would have me on edge. My husband even said it would probably be haunted. Its really a shame.
  4. lyttleone1977

    May have to postpone cruise... ES?

    Ok I'm getting confused now. Are we going to lose our entire deposit or just have the 50 fee pp? and there is no trip insurance.
  5. lyttleone1977

    May have to postpone cruise... ES?

    [quote name='nwcruiselover']I do hope you get to go though. I was on the Spirit to Alaska in September and it's an awesome cruise! Nancy[/QUOTE] My husband and I sailed her to Alaska in 2010 for our honeymoon, and really wanted to take our kids on her before she leaves, so hopefully we still can but we'll see. I wish I knew which ship was replacing her, would make the decision a little easier.
  6. lyttleone1977

    May have to postpone cruise... ES?

    Awesome! Thanks so much!
  7. Back in April we booked our 7/12 cruise using early saver. We thought we would have no problems getting it paid for being so far out, but circumstances have kinda changed - DH hours have been cut at work, had a couple of bills pop up we were not expecting, etc. We are hoping we can still swing it, but we are exploring all of our options. We know we do not want to cancel, just postpone, but here is the problem. We are sailing the Spirit to Alaska. From what I have been able to find out, normally you have to postpone on the same ship. Problem is, the ship will be in Australia when we would rebook. Any one have any idea how something like this will work? I am not making rash decisions, and when we rebook, it wont be until booking opens up on whatever ship replaces Spirit in Alaska. :confused:
  8. Were driving from michigan to Seattle next year. Over 3k miles round trip.
  9. lyttleone1977

    spirit steakhouse

    Ive done the steakhouse twice, once on Liberty and once on Spirit, and both times the food has been phenomenal. We are already planning on booking when we cruise Spirit again next year! Love the surf and turf, but may change for next time. The only thing I would stay away from is the wasabi mashed potatoes, but I'm not much of a horseradish girl.
  10. lyttleone1977

    Carnival Spirit Stateroom 6231

    We were in a different room but same class last year. You should have a fridge because we did. We're sailing her again next year, deck 6, but we have one of the extended balconies - the long ones!
  11. lyttleone1977

    Spirit 2012 Drydock Info

    Who knows, but I doubt it. Was able to see the Australia brochure today, and they mention nothing of it, even though it shows the upgrades from the dry dock.
  12. lyttleone1977

    New Self Service Wine Dispenser in Library...the Irony

    They will probably move the meeting space. Thats easier to do then try to find another space for the new bar.
  13. lyttleone1977

    JH says Liberty in for big drydock change!

    [quote name='MissKIA']Now the question is... what are the REMOVING to make room for this new stuff?![/QUOTE] They are probably putting the bulk of it where the current Lido grill is and the bar. There is actually a lot of space available, possibly putting some of it in the opposite corners of where the bar and grill are - there was basically nothing there. One thing I noticed when we sailed Liberty was that she had a TON of deck space on Lido, but it just may be the class. Before we booked our next trip to Alaska next year, we were looking at Liberty this Christmas break, and now I'm kinda sad we didn't do it! But there is always our next cruise!
  14. lyttleone1977

    Which Alaska Port has the best walking tour?

    My husband and I walked Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan. In Skagway we discovered the bus service about 1/2 way through the day, and it is by far the best investment we made that day. There are a lot to see and do there, and depending on where you wanted to go, the bus service is a great option. Downtown Juneau is pretty compact, but we just stayed down near the port and not up in the historic district. Ketchikan was probably the best for walking - a lot in a small area. Loved walking along Married Mans Trail and the red Light District. Also fun seeing all of the totem poles. We did everything alone.
  15. lyttleone1977

    Parking in Seattle, Wa

    There are a lot of link on here about it already. Republic manages the lots.