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  1. Hotel Sagrada Familia. Reasonable priced and great location. Wifi and AC. We got an apartment for 5 people. Less than $500 for 2 nights..
  2. Hotel Sagrada Familia. Very clean and reasonable. Great location, AC and free wi-fi.
  3. Everything ran smoothly with Spain Day Tours. They answer emails promptly, no matter the time of day. They have answered all of my questions.... I had many 🙂 I felt extremely comfortable working with them. It is hard to know what to expect when working with someone unknown in a different country. I always felt comfortable and trusted SDT. We used SDT transfer from the airport to our hotel. The driver was friendly and waiting for us. He got us safely to our hotel. Our tour was awesome. Carla (?, I think) was wonderful. She seemed very knowledgeable. Her English was superb. It was a long hot day, but we enjoyed every minute of it. We were comfortable and learned a lot about Barcelona and Monserrat. The driver was excellent and we always felt safe. We went to Park Guell, Sagrada Familia, Montjuic and Monserrat. If we ever get back to Spain, I will be sure to contact SDT again. They have excellent service.
  4. Next Week we are staying at Hotel Sagrada Familia Apartments. 5 people, 2 nights for about $500. AC and free wifi
  5. I believe they are the same. Also affiliated with Italy Day Tours
  6. We have it booked for next week through Spain Day Tours. My communication with them has been excellent. They are very prompt.
  7. No, I have got 4 at a time. They will take 4 coffee's off of your total.
  8. We used our 20 oz Yeti cups on the Island in July, 2018 with the coffee card.
  9. I am still trying to figure out the coffee part of the new drink packages. Previously I have purchased the Unlimited Soda and the New Grounds Coffee card. Now I am thinking about combining those and getting the Premium Coffee and Soda Package. But is that a true combination of the previous two? Can I get all of the specialty coffees that are on the New Grounds Menu, lattes, mochas, frappucinos, etc. in this new package? It is really unclear.
  10. Previously, I have purchased the Unlimited Soda and More and a New Grounds Coffee Card. To me, it seems as if the Premier Coffee and Soda Package is a combination of the 2. Would you agree?
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