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  1. Yes, you can physically spread a virus by transporting the thing on your clothes or luggage or hands or something. A danger which can be virtually eliminated by simply spraying exteriors with 70% isopropyl alcohol, and washing your hands, etc. Habits both I and my wife have well ingrained as we both spent decades working in microbiology research laboratories. The far more problematic spreading results from a person that actually produces virus--and gets it all over everything and possibly aerosolizes it as well. Almost impossible to avoid if you are producing a respiratory virus
  2. My wife and I had most symptoms (cough, fatigue, low grade fever for her) but no test kits available in Michigan so never tested. Wasn't all that bad for us (thankfully), but we can't be sure we had CoVid-19 until the ELISA tests (antibody tests) are available. The first of these was just approved (fast track hopey-wishy type approval) by FDA a few days ago. We will have to see how accurate it is. They are basically going to be testing it on all of us--but it is just a blood test, so no real safety issue, just efficacy issue. Once I get a trustworthy positive result on one of t
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