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  1. Last summer, due to very low water on our 15 day Amsterdam to Budapest Viking cruise we had to stay in hotels 3 nights, swapped ships halfway through, and LOTS of bus rides. Viking compensated us with a voucher worth 1/2 the price we paid for the trip (with about a 1 year validity). We are using it for a 7 day Rhine trip in October (only had to pay our airfare). Our companions chose to cash theirs in for an Alaska cruise - they just got back and had a wonderful time. So I would say it was fair compensation.
  2. Hmm, my earlier reply seems to have not gotten posted - trying again... When we had this same itinerary last year, our concierge had actually suggested the bike ride from Melk to Krems, and pointed out the rental place on the map (a short walk from the dock). He had done it himself on an afternoon off, and said he really enjoyed it. We opted to stay for the tour in Melk and the scenic cruise instead (some of the only daytime cruising we did - they serve champagne)! Krems was shuttered up for Sunday and so a bit dull. If you do go, consider getting eBikes. Even though it is downhill, it may not be downwind. The winds blowing through those river valleys are often strong and steady. Have fun, and report back if you do try it!
  3. cruiselvr04, the amusement park is a great evening option. we took the subway there after we left the subway tour, so not sure how far it would be to walk. They have the oldest ferris wheel in europe (and one of the first ever built), which my husband had ridden as a child, and came back to see 50+ years later. Some of the rides there look very VERY exciting.
  4. jpalbny we loved our trip on the Main, last year on our Amsterdam to Budapest tour. It was so lovely and quiet, and we loved all the 'berg' towns, including Wurtzberg and Bamberg, along the way. Would love to go back someday!
  5. Hi pac and pac! We are doing the same trip in October, and also hope to do some bike riding, although we will be later in the season than you, so weather may no permit. Last year, we did Viking's cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest and rented bikes in both Passau and Wurtzberg, as well as the guided Viking bike tour at the Kinderdijk. All were lovely getaways. We just walked up and rented in Wurtzberg, there were no ebikes available, but we were able to take pedal bikes up the lovely bike paths on the river an hour each direction. In Passau, because we had an extra night, we were able to reserve ebikes for the entire next day, so covered a lot more ground - the ebikes were very welcome when we turned upriver for the return trip up into the wind. For this year we already booked the Viking ebike trip in Breisach - figure it will be worth the expense to have the trip arranged for us. We are also interested in renting in Koblenz or Cologne, but I haven't done much research into it yet. One thing I would recommend is NOT committing to a reservation ahead of time, since the docking schedules can changeable depending on water conditions. Good to know where to go, but not be committed to a fixed time. Best of luck, keep us posted on what your decide to do please! - dQueenBay
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