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  1. Sailing next week. First time on this ship. Have been on several other RCI.
  2. We are only looking at Royal and pretty much all 5 ships that sail do the same ports.. The longer trips add another port, but pretty similar. Looking like the Adventure for a 9 day for Oct 2020.
  3. You all have been so helpful in confirming my initial thoughts about October. We will look to book the Adventure for 2020.
  4. We are looking to book the Adventure for mid October 2020. Thanks so much.
  5. jr8934... I'm so sorry to hear that. I think we will try the Adventure going in/out of New Jersey. At least that's the plan at the moment.
  6. We sailed on the Brilliance to Alaska in 05 or 06. It was my husbands first cruise and we loved the shop. The huge ships.....they are so big and massive now. I like the smaller ones.
  7. Thanks so much for this information. I think I will look into AOS . We are looking at 2020. Funny your signature says SoCal by way of Kentucky. We are just the opposite. Moved a year ago from L.A. to Kentucky.
  8. Thinking of taking a Sept or October trip along the east coast next year. The ships are Vision, Grandeur, Empress, Adventure and Brilliance. All the itineraries are similar enough for that not to be a priority. I thought maybe looking at the date/rehab of the ship might be wise. Seems only the Adventure is scheduled for dry dock in 2021 so that makes me think since it came out in 2001, perhaps it's rather tired/worn. I'd love any suggestions anyone has. I've been on the Brilliance but it was to Alaska many years ago. I did like the size as I have recently done the Harmony and the Symphony and they are SO HUGE....so don't mind a smaller ship. Thanks much
  9. Thanks so much for this information. I just inked our MyTime dining reservations according to the 'back on board' from the various days activities. So appreciate this. :)
  10. Even though we booked fairly early, there were no available reservations for the later dining. I usually like the structure of at least dinner but certainly didn't want early. I've been told to hightail it directly to the dining room upon boarding to see if we can get the later sitting, but if we can't........ I'd like some suggestions on the anytime dining. Do I call daily for a reservation? Do we (two of us) just show up when we're ready to eat? Thanks much.
  11. I am seeing where travelers are obtaining tickets for the hop on/hop off bus prior to arrival. I was in Barcelona in 2007 (not really knowing much prior) and we walked over to a ticket station and just got on. Can we still do that in Palma and Barcelona or must we pre-order tickets. Thanks much. Beth
  12. I'm so sorry I've not acknowledged the great suggestions. We have just moved to Kentucky from Los Angeles and have been working on a complete home remodel. Up at 5 and non-stop until 7 and 8PM. Our plans for this cruise were made long before our decision to move and I didn't want to cancel and disappoint my daughter whose never been to Europe. I'm just so overwhelmed with this house and barely have a minute to review these boards. My humble apologies. I promise to take some time. I loved the drive along the coast when I was there before and prefer not to go back to the Vatican as I've been before and prefer the outdoors. So many decisions.
  13. Are docks assigned for every cruise or do they get changed. We are on the 9/30 sailing of the Symphony and I see there could be some distance to the shuttles depending on where the ship docks. Also....... isn't there a site that tells how many ships are in port on a given day? Thanks Beth
  14. Thanks much for the advice and guidance.
  15. Oh my goodness...... these online forms. YIKES. Trying to complete and maybe I'm just really tired and missed it, but being asked to enter the time the ship departs. ASK THE CAPTAIN .. when he pushes the "go" button............... how do I know? Anyway, so I chose an 11AM - 11:30AM time to get my fanny onboard. First time seeing this question. Figure the earlier I am the better. But can someone tell me what time to enter so I can complete this form as I am "INCOMPLETE" without it. Thanks much Beth sailing on the Symphony 9/30.
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