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  1. *** UPDATE *** Well finally I managed to speak to someone who knew what the problem was. It is all to do with the IP address. Since MSC changed all the log in credentials a few weeks ago, this has caused an issue with certain countries' IP addresses not being accepted by sites "outside" their IP address. So as my booking was made in the USA and I am in the UK, that is the reason why I can't access my booking. And to think all the bloody time I have wasted logging in, logging out, changing passwords, numerous phone calls to the UK MSC and USA MSC offices. I still cannot get in, obviously, as I am in the UK but nice lady as MSC USA is sending me over all the excursions releevant to my exact sailing and she will add them on for me. So its all about the country IP address. GOOD LUCK PEOPLE x
  2. Funny how I can do web check in tho on both UK and USA sited but not actually get into my booking to add excursions etc
  3. My cruise was booked on USA website but I am in UK and the number in pic is UK number but they are refusing to help me saying they can't see bookings made outside UK... I give up 😩😩
  4. I have changed my password many times and getting nowhere... Latest message is this...
  5. Thank you for this bit of advice... Away to clear out cookies and try a different browser... I will let you know how I get on. Thanks, Doreen (Chelsea Wee One)
  6. I am slowly losing the plot where it comes to trying to book Excursions on MSC Seaside 8th December sailing to the Caribbean from Miami... I cannot seem to access the booking section on the website and have spoken to MSC directly on four occasions, only to be told "Sorry our website is having problems, we hope to have it resolved soon"... This has been going on now for a few weeks... Has anyone any tips on how to resolve this issue as we want to add our excursions now... Considering this is only my 2nd ever cruise, and first with MSC, they are way behind how easy everything was on Celebrity... Any tips would be appreciated.
  7. Wow thanks so much for your speedy and very informative reply... This is EXACTLY what I was after... Your links explained everything... Thank you so so much... Off to do the upgrade to CLASSIC package now... I was very happy to see it includes Fireball, my favourite... Disappointed to see there is no cider on board but hey ho... Thanks Again :D:D:):)xx
  8. I am travelling with my elderly Mother who does NOT drink so I really need to suss out the whole Drinks On Us Promotion and whether it is worth upgrading the package for both of us, but just for my benefit... I do not understand what stirred cocktails mean?? Also am I right in thinking that the only drinks available on the Drinks on Us are house label, ie. no Smirnoff, Bacardi or Jack Daniels... I remember seeing a comparison chart somewhere... HELP please... We cruise on the 8th December out of Miami
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