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  1. masterdrago

    Glacier boat tour before boarding ship in Whitter?

    www.lazyottercharters.com Best Of Prince William Sound Cruise (Shared) 2 Guest(s) --- 22 May 2019 10:00 AM to 22 May 2019 06:30 PM Contact: Kelly Bender Lazy Otter Charters, Inc. 694-6887 cell 529-0235 or 1 800-587-6887 info@lazyottercharters.com
  2. masterdrago

    Glacier boat tour before boarding ship in Whitter?

    I looked at the 26 Glacier Cruise fairly closely but chose another. The two boats that Phillips uses are the M/V Bravest - 120' length, 285 guest and the M/V Klondike Express - 137', 332 guest. Both large boats. Phillips says " largest, fastest and most luxurious catamaran in Alaska ". They claim it explores over 140 miles of Prince William Sound. If you figure that the full 5 hour tour is in the water cruising, then your average speed will be ~28MPH. It's top speed loaded is ~32MPH. That's a pretty fast clip for sight seeing. You can read a lot more about the Klondike Express at http://www.nicholsboats.com/portfolio/project/klondike-express. That's twice what we cruise Lake Conroe in our 25' pontoon party boat. I choose not to book their tour due to big crowd and fast touring speed.
  3. masterdrago

    Anan Bear Viewing Trip - Some Questions

    Michelle books up quickly so I would contact her ASAP http://www.islandwings.com/anan-creek---traitors-cove-bear-viewing-tours.html michelle@islandwings.com Local (907) 225-2444 Toll-free (888) 854-2444