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  1. We went ahead and booked with Norled. Better safe than sorry.,...😜
  2. True..,.my husband may be more comfortable with time cushion. Norled prob works best for us. Glad to hear you had good experience.
  3. Following to see what others say. Rødne gets such good reviews but not much available about Norled.
  4. Thanks so much! Appreciate all your input!
  5. Super! I’ll go ahead and book. Perfect!
  6. Thx. I didn’t even know what time we’d be due back either. Appreciate your comments.
  7. We are on this cruise in September. I was looking at booking with Rødne cruise for their 2:00 cruise to Pulpit Rock. It says it lasts three hours and our ship is scheduled to leave at 6. Has anyone done this before? Want to be sure we have enough time. Thanks!
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