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  1. Great to know you've been happy with TUI
  2. I initially had a quick response when tweeted them something like "Where's my refund for ......?", they asked me to send them a Twitter Direct Message. Once we'd touched base, we switched to Facebook Messenger. Very helpful.
  3. I know a couple who booked/paid in full for the 2020 sea princess world cruise, via a TA in November 2020. Still waiting for their $70K AUD refund.
  4. Glad they looked after you and got you home safely.
  5. We were told the same, refund's been processed, due to postal restrictions allow 20 days for the cheque to reach the OZ TA (checked Auspost, service delivery during Covid is now 5 days intrastate, not 20 days). If you see my post above, Cunard told me they processed my refund on 9 June, I had my refund on my CC this morning.
  6. Sydney Australia refund received Cunard Queen Elizabeth 12 April 27 night Australia Circumnavigation 22 February: booked/paid in full 31 March: Cunard cancelled, Cunard online refund request form submitted 12 June: email from Cunard, refund processed 9 June, allow 20 days for cheque to reach the TA OZ 13 June: email from the TA OZ, refund received overnight, refund processed to my CC, allow 3-5 days 17 June: refund on my card
  7. Congratulations. Still no refund joy for our QE 12th April cruise.
  8. Very happy for you and others receiving refunds. A social media post from someone who works in accounts in an Australian agency "Cunard have not issued any refunds to agencies except for a very few way back in March. The cruise line gives the customer the date they've processed the refund, it then takes at least 4 weeks for the cheque to hit our PO box. We aim to refund within 1 week of receiving the cheque". It's a shame that in Australia, these cheques cannot be sent directly to the customer.
  9. That's great you've received a refund for the cruise directly after mine, with a refund application around 2 weeks after mine. Not a peep from anyone about my refund. Happy spending....
  10. Great news Aussies - today I saw two social media posts from Australian customers who booked through TAs who have both received their fare refunds for their 9 March Sydney Yokohama QE cruise. A long wait ahead for my 12 April QE 27 night Circumnavigation Australia refund. I spoke to Cunard Australia yesterday: said they couldn't access my booking, I said that during my previous call to Cunard they could, miraculously she found she could access it, said my refund was entered manually on 8 April, I said no I've had an email confirming they could see it in the system and dated 30 March, I asked why Cunard couldn't send me a cheque as happens with Cunard UK, she didn't she know why, I asked her to ask her manager, she came back saying it was Cunard policy, I said policy can be flexible, I want my refund directly not via the TA, she said no it has to go to the TA so they can get their commission, I said TAs in the UK must get a commission, I don't think they work for free, and Cunard UK send the cheque to the customer, I said my TA has already said they aren't charging a cancellation fee if the cruise line cancels, so send me my cheque as happens in the UK. I said it's now 66 days since I requested a refund, I'll have to report Cunard to the ACCC, Fair Trading and if necessary the small claims tribunal. Have a good weekend! Happy to see a 12 April QE 27 night Circumnavigation Australia passenger has received their refund - where's mine? To be continued.. BTW, when asked on social media, a Cunard UK passenger said they send the cheque to the customer not the TA due to data protection laws. Is this correct?
  11. Thanks for those details. I received an email from my TA on 2 June saying they hadn't received my refund from Cunard. This was the TA's answer to my 23 April asking how long after they received my refund would they send me the refund. 12 April cruise Booked via TA 31 March Cunard cancelled 31 March online refund request submitted BTW, I generally receive replies to my emails from Cunard within their stated time period of 10 to 14 days.
  12. Thanks. Cunard told me my refund will go to the TA. Cunard wouldn't entertain my request to send my refund direct to me. On my credit card it said I'd paid the TA not Cunard.
  13. Thanks. What is your cruise date? Did you book direct?
  14. Did your TA say you'd get your cruise refund by cheque directly from Cunard? If yes, did you do anything special to get them to send the cheque directly to you?
  15. Yes, the changing 60 days from.....is annoying. Yesterday, I was told that the Bankwest dept to whom my previously rejected MasterCard (Australia) chargeback had been escalated had also rejected my claim because the TA was offering a refund. It didn't matter that the TA's refund timeframe was much longer than Cunard's. So, we wait.....
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