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  1. Those gift cards are the worst! I'm assuming it's a visa/MasterCard type one? Honestly, your best bet is to buy groceries or gas or even clothes with that gift card. I've worked at restaurants and those gift cards always hold a service/gratuity amount so you can't redeem the whole thing for a service. Maybe you can sell it to a friend or family member?
  2. Thanks for taking us on vacation with you! We hope to cruise with our toddler within these next couple years, so I love reading about your family trip. And it's rainy and cool here, so I'm soaking up the virtual sunshine! Enjoy your trip! :cool:
  3. Thanks for taking us along! I hope your whole family has a wonderful time! I look forward to traveling with you :cool:
  4. We usually stay out late (for us) the first night and head to bed around 1-2AM. Then we're usually up at 8 the next morning. As cruises go on, we tend to get to bed earlier. We love ending the day unwinding with a nightcap on our balcony. And after a tasty dinner and drink, the ship rocking is usually pulling me to sleep! We often walk an outside deck after dinner to wake a bit! We also appreciate some late afternoon time in the cabin to nap or relax before dinner. The last night we try to stay up, but I'm usually worn out! And now we have a child. We haven't cruised since becoming parents, but I think it'll be much earlier nights in the cabin and earlier mornings out :)
  5. We ate here the night before Allure a couple of years ago. We loved it! There was a bit of a wait, but we enjoyed a drink and standing out of the way a bit.
  6. Thanks again! I really enjoyed your review. I hope you feel better! Safe travels home.
  7. I'm enjoying your review, thanks for sharing! We hope to take our toddler on a cruise one day so I'm enjoying reading the perspective of cruising with your little one.
  8. I'm loving your review! It's warming me up as we're currently getting 1-2 feet of snow. We're staycationing this spring but hope to cruise again in the not so distant future! Thanks for the fix!
  9. Good morning! Enjoy your day at Maya Chan. We loved it there a couple years ago! I came on the message board for the first time in a long time looking for a live review to follow! Current childcare expenses make our return to cruising far off, but I like reminiscing and enjoying the ride with others. Thanks for taking us along!
  10. Enjoy your vacation! I'm excited to follow along from the frozen northeast!
  11. We sailed the Dawn in 2013 and thought the MDR food was not good. While we didn't starve and had a great trip, that was our worst food choice cruise. The buffet was a bit more comparable to Royal, but the specialty restaurants on ncl weren't even worth the up charge in our opinion. The dining room food was sometimes inedible. Food pushed us back to royal when we sailed the allure last year. We really enjoyed all our meals and the many options! We're pricing cruises for next year and thinking of doing a newer NCL ship. OP, the food concern is our hesitation too.
  12. I purchase insurance for anywhere! So I always recommend it to others.
  13. MTD worked really well for us on the Allure last year. We made reservations for a few nights, and other nights we just walked in. I think the longest wait we ever had was 15 to 20 minutes for a table. Much quicker than what we experience here on land! We had a routine of grabbing a cocktail and then heading into dining room to check in. We were a party of two and had the same table and waiter all but one night.
  14. Thanks for sharing your report. I look forward to following along! We had an amazing vacation on Allure a year ago, and I hope to return one day. For this year, I'm cruising through others reviews and recaps!
  15. Yay! Another live thread. Checking in on those love reporting from ships each day is keeping me warm in the frozen northeast. Thanks for taking us along!
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