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  1. On the subject of approved independent land-based our companies I hope that by the time of our Princess cruise to the Baltic [September 2021] we shall be able to take our already booked independent 2-day tour of St Petersburg. This was close to half price compared to the ship's equivalent tour.
  2. To my wife and I a cruise means this - you go to bed and next day wake up in a new country to explore..... 'explore' meaning exactly that - to discover new places for oneself..... being tied to a predetermined 'tour' just hopping on and off a coach is not exploring..... We tend to visit museums/parks/sites of interest and cathedrals/churches...rarely to we find ourselves in hordes of tourists so our risk of 'cross-infection' is kept to a minimum level.
  3. All reasonable logic points to it having to change - I would not countenance the walking tour as was well explained earlier. It so much reminded me of being back at school. One teacher at the front and one bringing up the rear.
  4. Surely there is also a logistical challenge of huge proportion. Let's imagine a cruise ship of some 2000+ passengers berthing at a port and that the majority are on board anticipating a ship-organised list of excursions [assuming that current protocol continues]. Coaches may well be restricted to 20 per coach -so if you do the maths it becomes a logistical nightmare.....
  5. That last para of Roz sums it up imo. The CDC have already stipulated the points she made about a Covid guest onboard. If the incidence of this can be brought to a minimum by stipulating all passengers to be vaccinated -then it gets my thumbs-up.
  6. This is what we did 4 years ago [used the excellent TJ Tours] - in September next year we sail in to St Petersburg and hope that by then we can book with the independent tour operator once again [approved by St Petersburg authorities]
  7. This makes perfect sense to me, I would only go on such a cruise anyway [whilst the pandemic is still rolling around the globe]
  8. I was trying to cover for either sex.
  9. I have a feeling that those who have seen the news on vaccines this morning will be in the vanguard for cabins -especially if fluid pricing kicks in.......
  10. I hope my post and that of others may put your mind at rest. On various cruises we have 'adopted' sometimes 1- maybe 2 ladies on their own. They have proved to be delightful company. Also for the solo male my wife thinks it would not be a problem to intermingle. I am referring to the times ahead when vaccines will bring cruising back to a normality of some kind regarding mixing. It just may take time....
  11. We weighed up the situation -at present we are liable to forfeit a deposit of £238 if we cancelled early. We thought it was a risk worth taking in order to get the cabin of our choice.
  12. We have just booked Aurora cruise R204 for May 2022. [Cabins are not confirmed until 11th so we are waiting to hear from our agency]
  13. They're probably stocking up early for Xmas [wonder if they we're hoping to get in early with easter eggs too.....]
  14. Having read a precis of these new protocols -what these two paragraphs contain is the reason we'll not be cruising while they exist:- The CDC will reserve the right to determine passenger and crew capacity, itineraries, ports of call, onboard activities and just about everything else. Cruises from the U.S. can be no longer than seven days. The CDC reserves the right to shorten cruises.
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