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  1. OK folks, look at this picture. This was taken by a passenger from the open deck over the bridge. You can see into and on to all most every balcony on the ship. A similar view can be had from Skywalkers on Grand and Crown Class ships, and the Skywalk on Royal Class ships. Do not assume you have any privacy on your balcony. You don’t.
  2. Actually you are completely wrong about the nature of sound. Your neighbors will hear more of your conversation in a closed balcony because the sound will reflect off the ceiling and bounce into your next door and below balconys. Open balcony allow more of the sound waves to ‘escape’ to the open air and dissipate with distance. Sound propagation is a very interesting science.
  3. I don’t understand. We loved the open balcony on the Ruby (same configuration). The Dolphin Deck Balcony’s are huge. We said hello to the people and made present conversation with them. We’d do it again a heart beat.
  4. Remember the question is about Neptune Suites, the movies are included in the cost of the suite.
  5. Stop thinking about it as a ‘Coffee Card’, princess no longer sells or gives out coffee card. Existing cards expires 31 August 2019, no matter what). Princess now sells or gives the ‘New Grounds Coffee Package’. The package is credited to your cruise account and accessed with your Medallion or cruise card. The Medillion is just a high tech cruise card, that tracks even more about you. The “New Grounds’ package includes all-you-can-drink quality brewed coffee, tea, and hot chocolate from the IC or another venue, AND up to 15 speciality coffee or tea drinks. The Specialty drinks can be shared but the brewed coffee, tea, etc. cannot be shared. When you trade out the mini-bar you basically buy the “New Grounds’ package at no cost from Room Service. Get a receipt.
  6. You get to bring 1 bottle each (total 2 if you are 2 passengers), you can drink that wine in your stateroom at no additional charge. You can also bring it to the MDR or a bar, but they will charge you the corkage fee. Every room has a refrigerator but may be pre-stocked with a mini-bar. We ask our room steward to remove the mini-bar and give us a receipt that he did. We can then use the frig as we see fit. (The receipt is to protect against a room service charge at the end of the cruise.) Additional wine can be brought on board at the charge of US$18 per bottle. You stop and pay the fee as you board. They then apply a stamp to the bottle. You can bring that bottle to the MDR or bar at no extra charge. The MDR has a wine sommelier who will take care of your bottle and yes keep white chilled. They will also ‘transfer’ the bottle to one of the specialty dining venues (like the Pinnacle Grill if you let them know ahead of time Not every bar specializes in wine. A bar will take you bottle but be sure they have a place to store and care for it.
  7. I just checked our booking. There is only one Specialty Dining option available now, an ‘Afficinado Dinner with Andy Matsuda’. It wasn’t there a week ago. There are also 3 ‘Dining Packages’ offered, Distinctive Dining (1 Pinnacle Grill, 1 Tamarind, and 1 Canaletto dinner), Evenings in the Pinnacle (2 nights in the Pinnacle Grill), and Signature Dining (1 Pinnacle Grill and 1 Canaletto dinner). We are on the Eurodam for 11 nights in October Vancouver to San Diego via Mexican Riviera.
  8. The Patter was always placed on our bed or the little table by the door. The ultimate idea of the Medallion is to go paperless. Everything will be on your smart phone, tablet, or TV. All the information in the Patter is largely on Princess-at-Sea now.
  9. I think 1130 is pretty early and everything has to go right, but Long Beach is closer, easier to get to, smaller and easier to navigate. I’d still recommend you get there by 1000 to check luggage etc. It’s 1020 here as I type this, Goggle and Apple are both saying it’s about 25 minutes from the port to airport.
  10. The above information is correct. The rear deck is huge and the side deck is just a bonus. Here are a couple additional pictures of the Westerdam. The 1st is of the port side rear of the ship. You can see the window washing platform along side cabin 4180. The 2nd is the same platform in the stowed position. You can decide if it bothers you. I’d be more concerned about having a NS so far from Deck 7, all the supplies and services for your suite are up on deck 7. As well there are only 2 suites on this deck, so the steward is not used to serving suite passengers. Additionally the stern SB suites are narrower than the SA cabins on Deck 7. The rooms are less spacious feeling, BUT (and it’s a big but) you get that huge balcony and special view of the window washing platform. 🙂.
  11. The pre-purchase price is the same as the on-board price so there is no advantage to buying the “Sommelier Suite” ahead of time. If you do chose to purchase one of the package wait and do it at the 1st wine tasting. That way you can sample and talk with the Sommelier about your tastes and preferences. I would definitely bring the two ‘free’ bottles with you (assume that are 2 of you traveling together). You can enjoy them in your cabin at no charge. You can also ask your cabin steward to remove the mini-bar items in the frig to make room for your wine. But get a receipt from the Steward; you don’t want to get a min-bar bill at the end of the cruise. My personal experience is you can buy the same wine thats on the Sommelier Suite wine lists for a lot less money that on the ship (at least here in Oregon). Even if you add the corkage fee (US$18/bottle) it’s less money. The draw back is you must carry the wine onboard with you and stop and pay the fee. But you can take the bottles you have paid corkage on to the MDR and have a glass with your meal. They will save you wine and even bring it to a specialty dining venue if you ask ahead of time. 
  12. I was just going to suggest cruising from Vancouver, there is a 29 September 2019 16 day cruise Vancouver RT, with Hilo, Honolulu, Kauai, and Maui. But you’ll have to take directly with HAL about having a passenger disembark at a Hawai port.
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