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  1. We'll be ending our Princess cruise at San Pedro and then visiting friends in Long Beach. I don't want to put them through traffic to come and meet us at the cruise terminal, so would rather take a taxi. Question - are there lots of taxis ready for disembarking passengers or should we book one in advance? If booking, any recommendations of taxi firms?
  2. jantoby

    Handy port guide & map for San Juan del Sur

    Did anyone happen to download the information & map on the website crzycrzr posted? I just clicked on it but it's no longer there.
  3. jantoby


    What do you recommend at Arita for a day visit?
  4. jantoby


    It lists 8 but if you care to look, 4 are kayaking/water-based (I wouldn't call those a tour), 1 is a sake factory which doesn't have a website to get any information about visits, and 3 are the same bus tour company that has a website that doesn't give full information about its tour timings.
  5. We're overnighting Beijing. Is the departure time next afternoon likely to change from what it was due to be when we left the ship the previous morning?
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    Thanks, Scottish Maid.
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    How long would I need to allow for a stroll at the Dazaif Tenmangu Shrine?
  8. What does this mean - realistically? I'm working on a private tour and looking at the time I want to be back at the ship, don't want to find we get back with what we think is time to spare only to discover the ship's gone.
  9. jantoby

    Can we expect to disembark at Tianjin by 8:00 or 8:30 a.m.?

    Hi Tampa Girl, We're doing an overnight Beijing tour with Coco and Jason in October on HAL, bullet train both ways. When are you going? If you go before October, I'd love to hear how the arrangements went.
  10. In the end we arranged to meet at the Hilton. Some taxi drivers were only interested in people looking to do a tour. I'm English/Spanish bilingual and ended up with 2 drivers both wanting to take us to the Hilton for US$10.
  11. jantoby

    Montevideo taxi - pay with Dollars?

    FYI. I took a taxi from the cruise terminal. Was USD10. There was a board showing fixed fares - all in Dollars. I was in a hurry and didn't want to risk looking for a taxi outside and being late getting to my destination. Yes, it cost a lot more than if I'd gone outside the terminal and taken a metered taxi. But I got to the Government Palace in time for the excellent guided tour.
  12. jantoby

    Christmas in Cartegena?

    Sorry to see you didn't get any replies. I hope you enjoyed lovely Cartagena. I'll be in Cartagena on Christmas Day this year and would be very grateful for any info you can give me. If I get a taxi from the terminal will there be taxis outside the Old Town to get back? Any cafes open?
  13. jantoby

    Ushuaia Argentina

    I did a National Park tour with Edgar's company a couple of weeks ago. His communication beforehand was excellent. We stopped at a few places of interest that were good photo opps, and a stop at a large cafe for a refreshment and comfort break was very welcome. I got my passport stamped Tierra del Fuego there. Unfortunately when we got to the End of The World Post Office where I'd hoped to get it stamped (having remembered to retrieve it from the ship's Front Desk where they held everyone's passports) it was closed. Not unusual, apparently. Our guide was very knowledgeable and his English was fine.
  14. jantoby

    Montevideo taxi - pay with Dollars?

    I'll be arriving without Ecuadorean currency, just a day from a cruise, and want to get to the Government Palace by 9.45. Don't want to risk being late by bus, so will need to go by taxi.
  15. jantoby

    Montevideo taxi - pay with Dollars?

    That's where I plan to have lunch, Gwendy. Sounds fab.