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  1. Thanks, GMT. They sound very promising. Thanks for the recommendation.
  2. GMT Which tour operator did you use in Mumbai? My cruise isn't for 18 months but I'm itching to get started with research for it.
  3. Thanks for the tip. We're doing the Riverboat so I'll try to have a look in the shop before we board. I guess the prices will be similar to those on the website.
  4. If you were to come back to Woodford I don't think you'd find it very changed. More cars, fewer parking places. I moved down South from Lancashire way back in '82 and I still haven't got used to the coldness of travelling on the Tube. Not physical. But the way you can be in a packed carriage and nobody speaks. I find it quite hostile. But I guess that's just one of those things.
  5. Thanks. I just want to buy a few small packs - vacuum packed - that don't need keeping cool, to bring home as gifts. I looked on the Taku website. Looks good. I'll definitely have a look in Ketchikan, too.
  6. My cruise visits Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway. And we'll be in Fairbanks for a couple of days afterwards. Where is the best place to buy salmon to bring home to England?
  7. I did a Holland America cruise of Japan and China a couple of years ago. The Japanese sightseeing was superb and cost virtually nothing. Japan has a country-wide network of Volunteer Guides - there's a group in virtually every town - local people who welcome the opportunity to practice their English and to show visitors their home towns. You can either tell them what you want to see, or ask for suggestions, and let them work out an itinerary. You arrange it all by email so you get to see whatever you want, and they take no payment. All it costs you is any expenses during the day - lunch/coffee/bus fares, plus what it costs them to get to you and then home by public transport. Of the four guides we had, two were in fact professional tour guides who love their work so much they do it in their free time, too. Just google Japan Goodwill Guides and you'll see how it works. We had a wonderful time with our guides in Tokyo, Kyoto (from Osaka), Fukuoka and Beppu. Please note - tipping is usually considered an insult in Japan. I took candy from Buckingham Palace as a thank-you gift for our guides.
  8. Can anyone tell me how much Pullmantur charge for breakfast in the cabin? I've not had to pay for it before.
  9. We'll be ending our Princess cruise at San Pedro and then visiting friends in Long Beach. I don't want to put them through traffic to come and meet us at the cruise terminal, so would rather take a taxi. Question - are there lots of taxis ready for disembarking passengers or should we book one in advance? If booking, any recommendations of taxi firms?
  10. Did anyone happen to download the information & map on the website crzycrzr posted? I just clicked on it but it's no longer there.
  11. jantoby


    What do you recommend at Arita for a day visit?
  12. jantoby


    It lists 8 but if you care to look, 4 are kayaking/water-based (I wouldn't call those a tour), 1 is a sake factory which doesn't have a website to get any information about visits, and 3 are the same bus tour company that has a website that doesn't give full information about its tour timings.
  13. We're overnighting Beijing. Is the departure time next afternoon likely to change from what it was due to be when we left the ship the previous morning?
  14. jantoby


    Thanks, Scottish Maid.
  15. jantoby


    How long would I need to allow for a stroll at the Dazaif Tenmangu Shrine?
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