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  1. Thank you kindly for breaking down the disembarkation procedure for me, tag1000! Very much appreciated. I hope your dog and you had a wonderful voyage.
  2. Thank you very much for your replies!
  3. Greetings, I am travelling this summer for the first time on the QM2 with my dog. We'll be arriving at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, and I have tried in vain to get information about the process of disembarkation with a dog. I have looked at other forum threads, but haven't seen a rundown of the procedure in Brooklyn, NY so I would be grateful to those who have made this journey with their pooches to share their insight. I will be short on hands, as I will have to manage my dog, who is a good size, and our luggage. My questions are very basic and elementary, but it would extremely helpful to have an idea of how the disembarkation will unfold. 1. Will the luggage be collected and taken off the ship for us? I assume so. 2. At what time may we expect to be off the ship and through customs and immigration? 3. How do we manage to get through customs with our animals and all our luggage? Is there a porter for hire? 4. Is it fairly easy to coordinate pick-up from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal? Is there a central place where people can meet and find each other easily? Any additional information would be appreciated. Many thanks!