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  1. I generally stay at the GrandHyatt New York pre-cruise. It's attached to Grand Central which makes it convenient to a lot of subway lines and other public transportation.
  2. Hello, Like others have said, Bermuda is very easy to navigate and since you're there overnight, you can feel free to explore the island without worrying about rushing back to the ship. If you have full day there (you probably do), I would use that day to go up to St. George's via ferry and then maybe take a bus to Hamilton and then take a ferry back to the Dockyard. The Dockyard area is okay, but it's "touristy" and Bermuda has so much more to offer. Also, there are several tour operators right in the Dockyard so if you want to take a tour/excursion, I'd book through them, rather than through the cruise line. You'll probably end up saving between 20%-40%. If you like beaches, I'd recommend Horseshoe Bay. You can get there by a mini bus for around $8 each way per person. (Public buses are an option as well.) There is a beach in the Dockyard called snorkel park. It's man made and there is a charge to get in, but it's a decent option if you REALLY don't want to leave the dockyard.
  3. I had a mini-suite with a large balcony on the Breakaway and it was very nice. There was a fairly large dining table with chairs and also 2 lounge chairs. I left the table and chairs under the covered part and I put the lounge chairs towards the railing so I could lay in the sun. It was the perfect alternative to fighting for a lounger on the pool decks.
  4. Thanks for all the info!! I honestly don't even care about kids being around...I'm more concerned about just being able to get a lounger without having to be up on deck at 6:00am...but those prices seem a little steep...I think I'll just head to my balcony if the pool decks get too crowded.
  5. Great, thanks for the clarification....Do you know if day passes are sold to Vibe? Or would I have to buy the whole week? I'm going to Bermuda in August and I don't think I'd be utilizing the area while in port, but I'd like to have it for sea days.
  6. Hello, What is the difference between Spice H20 and Vibe Beach Club on the Escape? Are there extra charges for both areas, or just for one of them? I tried doing a search, but I keep finding conflicting information. Thanks!
  7. Yes, it is easy to get the refund...Just go to guest services and they give it right back to you. The only downside to this is that once they've refunded your money, you can't use the card for any last minute things unless you add more money. So just make sure there isn't anything else you need to buy (coffee).
  8. Shops & casino will be closed, as will most of the restaurants, though some will remain open. The pools, spa, watersides, etc. will be open. Everything will start to reopen once the ship departs. The restaurants will open for dinner prior to departure.
  9. ADH912

    Evening fun

    There is a pirate ship - Calico Jacks, in the Dockyard. They have a bar, live music etc, and you can jump off the "plank" on the top deck into the water. I went last summer and had fun. https://www.gotobermuda.com/profile/calico-jacks/3087
  10. If you like touring forts, you might like Alexandra Battery. This is a great place to collect sea-glass, though this is sometimes confiscated by ships security when you go back to the ship. https://www.bermuda-attractions.com/bermuda_000276.htm
  11. I agree with those recommending cash VS debit card. I usually set my account up with a credit card, but there have been times when I've used cash instead. If I go the cash route, I usually "deposit" $500 (for two of us), and then if I start to approach the $500 mark, I'll go to guest services and add more money. Like others have said, if you can, you're better off pre-paying for as much as possible ahead of time, so you're less likely to rack up a higher balance. The one annoyance with going the cash route is that the line at guest services is generally long on the last morning and you'll have to wait in it so you can get your unused funds back. Alternatively, you can go to guest services the night before to get your unused funds back, but, then you can't use your card the next morning unless you add money. I would avoid using your debit card unless you definitely have enough money in your checking account and you won't be caught short on money while waiting for the holds to be released. I can't remember which cruise line I was on (I think NCL, but not positive) and I used my debit card. By the time the cruise was over, I had around $700 in actual on-board expenses but the hold on my account was almost $1400. Then I had to wait around a week for the hold to be released. The cruise line isn't responsible for the hold, your bank is, so the amount of time it takes for the hold to be released depends on your banks' specific policies.
  12. I agree...I think that can even be done in a little more than 1/2 a day, especially if you take the first ferry to St. George's
  13. The last time I cruised out of NYC, we stayed at the Grand Hyatt New York, which is connected to Grand Central Terminal. We're cruising out of NYC again in August and plan on staying there again. We take the commuter train into the city, so it's convenient since the train goes to Grand Central. Then we just take an Uber to the port the following morning.
  14. I am sailing on the Dawn this Friday...Does anyone know if there is a place to store your carry on luggage until your room is ready? On previous cruises, I was able to leave my luggage with staff members in the casino, and then I picked it back up once my room was ready. Just wasn't sure if the Dawn has the same arrangement. Thanks!
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