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  1. We were on NYE cruise last year. We loved it. Christmas decorations were still up and they had a deck party after the atrium balloon drop. They also changed the first formal night from night two to night three to match up with NYE.
  2. We are on the Carnival Inspiration and dock in St. Kitts on September 25. My wife and I are big beach people and can't decide which beach is best for us. We like soft sand, clear water and a drink in our hand. We have narrowed it down to Cockleshell (Reggae Beach Bar), the Mariott, or Pinneys Beach on Nevis. One of the biggest issues I am having is deciding on whether a water taxi, plus a land taxi to get us to Pinneys Beach is worth it. Is the beach there that much better than the beaches on St. Kitts?
  3. My wife and daughter used Cavetubing.bz in December. They combined the trip with a zipline adventure, where they got to zipline 5 stations and then cave tube after that. They enjoyed everything except they were not a fan of the Belizean lunch that they provide. Other than that, they said the rest of the trip was smooth.
  4. We were planning to load $200 onto a slot on certain days, playing about $20 of it and then cashing it out for use at the tables. I am not talking about thousands of dollars like some of the other posts. I assume that is permissible as long as I give them some action before cashing out.
  5. My wife and I are sailing on the Fascination in September. I know that it is possible to transfer funds from S&S to a slot machine and then cash out to use that for table games in the casino. We were considering doing this on that cruise, and then using AARP gift cards at the end to pay for the cruise. I am wondering if anyone is aware of a limit of how much the casino cage will give you each day?
  6. I had a book of them when we went on our cruise in January. I had read online that they would not accept them onboard any longer. I reached out to customer service and after going up the chain of command was able to get onboard credit for the amount of vouchers that I had.
  7. John, Thank you for the help. I didn't realize all of those places were so close. It appears that all of them are the places where most people go. Which of the three would you recommend given we are the only ship in port that day and we only have 2600 passengers and we are there from 8 am to 9 pm?
  8. This is the first time we have ever stopped in Barbados. My wife and I love to try out the beach at every new port that we visit. What are some good beaches in Barbados, and are there any near the port that we can walk to? We just like a nice soft, sand beach that doesn't have coral in the water like some of the Cozumel beaches. We just need a chair and a drink, really don't need an all inclusive since we have the drink package back on the ship after our beach time.
  9. We were curious about that. I didn't see where that was listed on the inclusions on the website. I figure we will take something for chairs and maybe a few drinks.
  10. That was kind of our thought too was that we could see a good deal of the island and it looks like it isn't much more expensive than taking a taxi to each beach. My hope is that Maho is not too crowded since we are the only ship in port that day.
  11. This sounds like the same excursion that Carnival offers. We get a short time at the beach with no snorkeling, which is fine we just want to see the Pitons and get a little bit of beach time
  12. I saw a Maho and Orient Beach combo for $33 pp where you get 2 hours at each beach and they transport you between the two. That seems like a pretty good price compared to what a taxi would run. Has anyone ever done this through shoreexcusioneer and what were your thoughts of it?
  13. I found two five hour beach excursions through Shoreexcursioneer that go to either Carambola Bay or Cockleshell. Both pick you up at the port and stop at Timothy Hill on the way. Once is $20 pp (doesn't include $10 chair), the other $30 (includes chair). Either way, I can't imagine we can go to either beach using a taxi and renting a chair for cheaper than this prices. What preferences do you have between these two beaches, and am I wrong a taxi would be cheaper?
  14. We only want to do the half day catamaran because we want to see the Pitons and spend a little bit of time at the beach. We also want to spend some time in port and be back on the ship in the middle of the afternoon. Most of the tours seem to be 7+ hours. We are planning a full trip to the island next year for my wife's birthday, so for now just wanted to do something, then next year we can see all of the other attractions when we have a lot of time to do so.
  15. My wife and I are looking to do this excursion in September. Do you have to pay for chairs at each beach or does Shoreexcursioneer take care of that?
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