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  1. Most "real" ice cream is gluten free. I stick with that and on the Insignia, it was delicious. I didn't have the plant based stuff.
  2. The noise may have been due to the particular crowd? That was the first leg of our B2B (Repeat lol). On the last evening in Toscana, it was particularly loud. We have not ecountered that before.
  3. I am very sorry you had this experience. After being officially diagnosed and gluten free for 17 years, eating anywhere else but home is stressful. However, on the Insignia, this has not been my experience. Admittedly, I am not a dairy free celiac. I do have the "canary form" DH and am very sensitive. In fact I had to reiterate dairy was fine for me and I could have such choices as ice cream. I found those serving me and the chefs to be hyper vigilant and patient with my continued questions about everything I ate. I hope your experience is an anomaly. Please do follow this up with corporate. There should be consistency across the line. Feel better soon.
  4. I am currently on the Insignia (B2B Bermuda) and have had absolutely no problem. I do have celiac disease and must be gluten free. My TA alerted Oceania, I introduced myself to Dining Services as soon as we embarked. Until the Maitre D's and wait staff got to know me, which they did very quickly, whether it was in the GDR or the Buffet at Terrace, I reintroduced myself. Either with the chef or Maitre D, we go over items that are gf or can be made gf. If I am unsure, I ask questions and they are patient. For evening meals, I am given the menu and I complete requests the evening before. They are aware of the cross contamination issue. Fortunately, I can eat dairy but have noticed plant based options. As I enter any of the restaurants, I am asked- "gluten free bread for Madame?" I do make a point to thank anyone who goes out of their way. One of the Maitre D's had a special chocolate dessert made for me, unsolicited, when he learned of my love of chocolate.
  5. I always keep in mind, just like restaurants, ships have their specialities, strengths and you may find some disappointments. A case in point: My first TA when I was 4 yrs old was NY to Liverpool (and return) on Cunard. A menu item caught my eye- spaghetti. My mom tried to dissuade me by telling me this (at the time) was something they did not prepare well and it wouldn't be what I was used to. She allowed me to make the mistake- it was barely recognizable and awful. On the other hand, the Children's Tea Party was amazing and this many years later, I still have one of the menus! The birthday party they threw me was also memorable. I am glad I didn't judge my entire experience based on the spaghetti (over cooked mush).
  6. It all depends on your reason to cruise. Is it visitng or returning to places you would like to see and experience? Or is it for some much needed R & R? We enjoy Bermuda and especially not having to fly to the ship. We can always find things to do and see if we so choose. Had a rough year and hoping for R & R on a beautiful ship and just appreciating the ocean.
  7. We've had the same experience across cruise lines. I always try to be positive. However, one was particulary bad in which a husband was clearly past his drink limit and despite his wife obviously kicking him under the table, could not stop his ignorant, insulting comments of everyone and everything. We noticed, for the remainder of the cruise, we never saw the couple together again. What I like about Oceania, with open seating, you are not stuck meal after meal with a boorish person(s).
  8. I thought your name and user name were familiar from that Roll Call. I did say a quick hello. There was never a m&g for that cruise, at least to my knowledge. We are doing a double Bermuda Bliss. DH prefers not to fly for any extended period of time, due to some health issues. We really like to cruise NY-NY area. Bermuda Bliss is only 7 days and we both enjoyed our time on the Insignia so much, we didn't think 7 days was enough. We also like Bermuda. We are still thinking about what to do for next year and perhaps a cruise where we only need to fly one way. Based on your response, I reworked our conventional luggage tags so that our name, ship and cabin number can't be missed (I hope). We will attach them to both top and side handles. Interestingly, Oceania is one of the few cruise lines that don't have printable luggage tags. For other lines, the blank ones can even be purchased through Amazon. Though my optimism is dwindling, there is still time for us to receive the Blue Book. Enjoy your Cruise and may this be the only glitch- a slight inconvenience!
  9. Hi Mary, I think we may have been on the same Cottages, Coves,.. Cruise last August? We haven't changed addresses and neither has our TA. Still no Blue Book but most importantly, the luggage tags. Someone mentioned a template in an earlier response. After an extensive search, I was not able to locate it. Our TA is on the West Coast (she did offer generic ones) and I am not sure if we would get their generic ones in time. Misdirected luggage is always a concern for everyone. We try to complete everything in advance to make embarkation a bit easier.
  10. Thank you everyone! Your responses helped a great deal. My TA still hasn't received my Blue Book. However, she did forward the Final Cruise Summary to me via email. Looks like they haven't given our cabin away lol!
  11. We are 13 days out and still have not received the blue book or been emailed our Final Cruise Vacation Summary. Last year, we booked late and direct. We received it within 2 weeks. This year we booked onboard and transferred the booking to a highly recommended travel agent. Our TA has contacted O several times. Most recently O said it would be sent to our travel agent last week. O said the delay was because it was a b2b. Our agent said when they receive it it will be sent priority. 2 questions- when working through a TA, will O still send a Final Cruise Summary via email? Should we be concerned? Everything is in order when we login to manage our booking.
  12. We have been following your posts on the Oceania Board. Great commentary! Thank you. We are on a Bermuda b2b because there will be no flying involved this summer and loved our experience last year. (We love the ship experience and for the most part have travelled extensively and usually don't care where we go lol). Nautica includes Lerwick next summer. However, it means 2 flights, unless we can arrange TA to and from. Also, it is a leg of a longer cruise and all the PH are spoken for. Are the A and B cabin bathrroms that much smaller? We will ask for a look in August. The Island Princess leaves from Southampton and would require only 1 flight there. DH has some health issues which makes flying less than desirable, at this point in time. If we didn't want to include Lerwick, Cunard has a 21 day NY-NY. So much fun to think about.
  13. Your input is most appreciated and supports my families comments. Fred has been eliminated from our list of possibilities for next summer!
  14. Thank you so much for letting me know about Lerwick. I have always wanted to visit the Shetland Islands. However, if it is sometimes missed, we may rethink cruising there. Fred Olsen does have an itinerary that stops there overnight, making actually getting there more likely. I just don't know much about the cruiseline other than what my cousins in England saying- the vessels are old.
  15. We are considering a cruise on the Island Princess, TA Southampton to NY, next summer. We have crossed on the QM2(twice) in a balcony cabin and it was perfect. We are looking at Princess because of the itinerary (specifically - Lerwick, Shetland) and arriving NY. We have been in a penthouse suite on the Oceania Insignia and will do so again this summer. The choice of cabin was because of the normal sized bathroom (supposedly the bathrooms are very small in the other cabins. We do not need the services of a butler and could do without. ) Any suggestions about what cabin would be equivalent to the QM2 balcony? I noticed mini-suites and balcony available. On Celebrity there are all sorts of extras included if you boook a suite making balcony vs sky suites quite close in price, at times. Is there specific dining for specific cabin types? (For instance on Cunard they have a Grill suites) Can anyone speak to how well the Island Princess handles the North Atlantic? Any comments comparing the lines, cabins would be appreciated. Also, I must have adhere to a gluten free diet and am told Princess is great handling dietary issues. Thank you in advance!
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