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  1. What a fantastic review - thank you!! What a great way to celebrate your Grandma's milestone birthday. Thank you for taking the time to write this! Glad you're dog is okay and good luck back at work tomorrow - I'm sure it will be A-Okay. 🙂
  2. Love this review Emily! We are also from Toronto, and headed to the Bliss in Feb. Just curious about your comment re your room cards not working for drinks when you got there due to being in international waters- had you already prepaid for the UBP? If so I'm wondering why that would have happened, and what you meant by switching cards. Anyway if you get a sec, let us know. We are first time cruisers so maybe just missing some small detail. Thanks so much.
  3. We booked our excursions online and paid in full. I called up and was told we'd get $50 on board credits. Based on the above, I am guessing we won't see this until we're on board? Is that right?
  4. Thanks Sid, I had a great time living the life through your posts!
  5. Good morning! How did the detoxx hangover pills work? Hoping to find something that works for our upcoming cruise! (or anytime, really).
  6. Thank you. That brings me to another question. Since I can't get a mimosa brought to my room for a balcony breakfast...what time does the haven bar open? 🙂
  7. We have the adult beverage package and are wondering about what is and isn't included. Are the following situations included with this package, or would we have to pay extra for the drinks? - ordered from room service, ie mimosas with breakfast - brought to us by butler - haven sundeck/poolside A further question, when on the sundeck or poolside, are there waiters available for ordering, or do we go to the bar/call the butler?
  8. We're following too! Great to see what the fun drink spots are in Miami for the night before our Bliss cruise in Feb. Have fun! Keep posting! 🙂
  9. I am so looking forward to a smoked old fashioned! Emir better still be there in February!
  10. We decided on the 17th floor as we figured the chances of having deck chairs scraping around the top deck 18 would be much louder than people dining below us.
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