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  1. That's exactly what was posted in post #21 by YXU AC*SE, the formal document from Transport Canada.
  2. Truth....guess this covid thing did nothing good for any of us but I think I would like to take my account back so the fake TAD 2005 needs to back off and go do whatever with his new girley friends.
  3. Note to the OP.......what if the person who "couldn't go on the cruise" was dumped by you and her money was paying part of your credit card bills for years????? The credit cards that you use for all cruises. Will the real TAD2005 stand up.........that would be me.......the woman scorned.💀 I just want people to know the truth.......hmmmmm.....truth....look it up on google you fake TAD2005!!
  4. There could still be delays in the finishing of the R-Dam 7. Many components of the ship are supplied from vendors all over Europe and Asia.. They are just assembled in the Fincantieri shipyards. The finishing out of the ship all depends on hundreds of suppliers doing their job and on schedule.
  5. Never underestimate the anger of a women scorned !!
  6. No, final payment isn't until next June, 2021. And I paid the deposit for both passengers. So, I will ask my TA to work on this for me.
  7. I have a booked cruise for September 2021 on a HAL cruise with a travelling partner, not related to me. They have indicated that they will not be able to go. I have someone else that wants to go, but I don't want to cancel and rebook, and lose all the perks. Can my TA work with HAL to swap out the old name with a new one ? I am the primary contact on the booking. Has anyone done this and did you have any problems ?
  8. I figured that this thread would eventually devolve into politics. Congrats Chipmaster, you did it !! NO politics on CC. It's nice to come to at least one website that isn't slanted and biased one way or the other. Let's keep it that way.
  9. Carnival and other lines have built ships specifically for the Chinese market, even designing restaurants for Far East style menus. Will these lines pull those ships back ?
  10. I was told today that our doubled deposit from an October 2020 Rotterdam cruise that was just cancelled, would be applied to our final payment for a Sept 2021 cruise, even though we booked the 2021 cruise before the virus screwed everything up.
  11. I booked a Sept 2021 cruise on the Ryndam just 2 months ago. I also had a Oct 3, 2020 Rotterdam cruise deposited, but final payment has not been paid yet, scheduled for July 4, 2020. I just received the cancellation notice for the Oct 3, 2020 cruise and the bonus FCC. The wording on the bonus FCC says the value of my original deposit on the Oct 2020 cancelled cruise will be doubled and it can be used for a NEW BOOKING as part of the cruise fare. Because I have already booked and deposited the Sept 2021 Ryndam cruise, will I get my cancelled cruise deposit be doubled and applied
  12. I don't think dragging the delivery date out by months or years is possible. These ship yards have schedules, and they can't allow a partially finished hull to sit in a very expensive drydock until the customer feels that he can afford to take delivery. Once the keel is laid, that mass of steel cannot be moved to some holding area until the cruise market is right for delivery. The funds for the delivery are already allocated. It's a done deal. The ship yard has hundreds of millions of Euros invested and they want their final payment. The cruise line cannot pay for an unfinished ship,
  13. Every beer, canned, bottled or draft are included in the regular SBP and the $11 max price. Checkout Rogerjett photography dot com for a complete list. If you are a beer drinker, like me, you will have your choice of anything they offer.
  14. Today's news is that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has invested 8.2% of CCL's total worth. That is a huge chunk of change. CCL owned almost 10% by the Saudis !!
  15. HAL refers to the base fare when they are applying what you paid to a future cruise. If you have paid your full fare and the cruise is cancelled, your taxes and port fees are refunded to your credit card and the base fare is credited to a future cruise. They cannot predict what future cruise you may pick, so they cannot apply the taxes and port fees to an unknown cruise, so you get that part back. The base fare is applied to a future cruise, with any percentage bonuses offered.
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