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  1. Just got bback from the Pearl 2 days ago, and neither the Tomas nor the Cherry Limeades were available. Additional notes: The Aviation tastes like shampoo, but the rest of the drinks on the menu at the martini bar are solid! I tried a negroni as 2019 is the 100 year anniversary of its creation, and I gotta say it was the worst drink I've had in my life! It tasted like furniture polish.
  2. On the Pearl now. Bout to get some mango meltdowns! I asked for a cherry limeade and the guy said they don't do those. I'll ask other bars...
  3. Yea I get that; I was just hoping to mentally prepare for any that are above the $15 threshold.
  4. That's something I've been curious about, too.
  5. Anybody know if they discontinued the Fosters oil can? I was actually kind of looking forward to them.
  6. They can also turn your stool black (as will the liquid pepto), but it doesn't cause any damage.
  7. I packed a few pairs of sunglasses straps, and I also bought some Shady Rays sunglasses that have a lifetime guarantee, and they'll even replace them if you lose them. I'm going to try not to lose them, but if it happens, no worries.
  8. Thanks for the review! I can't wait to set sail on the Pearl on the 12th!
  9. A few people mentioned Bushwhackers. Any idea what's in that? Also, is the cherry limeade an adult drink or is it like a cherry limeade from Sonic?
  10. I like a good Moscow Mule, and the Tomas sound tasty. Was it a specific bar you found those at or did they make them for you at the poolside bar? Also, did they serve your DH's Mules in a copper cup or a regular glass? Just curious.
  11. It's been 11 or 12 years since my last cruise, and those were always my go-to. Are they not around anymore?
  12. A few people have mentioned an extra card for the light switch. Can someone explain that to me?
  13. I will be sailing on the Pearl in 10 days with my wife and another couple. When we travel, we like to try new drinks we've never had before. Besides your standard beers or daiquiris or piña coladas, what are your favorite drinks to order on a cruise?
  14. The random messages and drawings are the biggest reason I'm bringing a dry erase board!
  15. Good call on the Wrinkle Releaser!
  16. Great list! I've thought about lanyards, but wasn't sure how nerdy I would look haha. I kind of want to know the superhlue crown story now!
  17. I might toss in a Mio or some Crystal Lite packs
  18. All good thoughts! I'm also bringing a 30 oz RTIC tumbler for drinking water so I don't have to buy the incredibly overpriced bottled water.
  19. What "odd" things do you make sure to bring on every cruise? I know less is more when it comes to packing, but what little things help make your cruises go more smoothly? Duct tape? First aid kit? Over the door shoe organizer for bathroom essentials? Power strip? What other things can you think of?
  20. I've had several questions go through my head recently, but I didn't want to start a new thread for each one, and I have forgotten some of them, so I'll post a few questions I have (as a NCL rookie) and probably come back to this thread when I think of more. These first questions are about Embarkation Day. 1, I don't want to add to the rush to the buffet; are O'Sheehans or the MDRs open for lunch? 2, will the pool(s) and hot tub(s) be open while still in port? 3, will the bars in the pool areas be serving while still in port? Not related to embarkation day, 4, I take a white noise machine with us when we travel. I don't see the machine being a problem, but I've heard there is a lack of outlets in each room. Can I bring an outlet splitter as long as it isn't a surge protector? Like this one for instance: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Philips-6-Outlet-Wall-Adapter-Side-Access-Outlets-SPS1060T-17/ 5, will they post a schedule of activities before the cruise or will we have to wait for the dailies? TIA and any additional advice would be great!
  21. Good deal. Thanks for your help!
  22. I've been on a couple cruises several years ago, but I was single. Now I'm taking my wife on her first cruise, and she likes to put way too much effort into her hair. I know clothes irons are a no-no, but what about curling irons? Also, what about hair dryers? Are those legal? Thanks!
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