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  1. Just saw the article about it last night explaining the reasons. Sad to see it happen, but I understand why.
  2. Thanks you, and you are welcome. I also have many Key West videos on my YouTube site that show how to get to several places, including one that shows how to get to Truman Little White House.
  3. Closest stop to Southernmost Points one block away at Whitehead and United, Hemingway house stops are also a block away, as well as Truman Little White House. Here is a video I made that follows the routs and shows all the stops.
  4. The shuttle is not a very long ride into town, and the only reason you can not walk is because it is owned by the Navy. I am sure you will not have a problem docking. Enjoy your shore excursion.
  5. Mallory pier is in operation, but the ship size is the determining factor on which ships dock there. The larger ships use the Outer Mole and Pier B.
  6. Key West is fairly flat, so walking is not hard. Hemingway house is not that far of a walk from Pier B or the drop off area if you dock at the Outer Mole and take the shuttle to town. Here are a couple of videos that will show you the way. video 1, video 2, video 3
  7. Here is a video that will show you B Pier and the walk over to Mallory Square. Hope it helps.
  8. You might try this. google maps
  9. In 2012 we were able to set up a guided tour, and it was fantastic to have many of the graves explained and told the differences in some of the fencing around them. The Historic Florida Keys Foundation has information on their web page. Historic Florida Keys Foundation
  10. Here is a link to a live cam that overlooks Mallory Square, and you can see the M dock right there. Pier B is in the distance and is under maintenance until the 17th of August (2 black cranes and barges) and Outer Mole is the farthest away. The next ship to dock at Mallory will be on the 18th of August, and you will be able to see the set-up for docking there.
  11. Yes..lots of place have live music during the day...donn't like this music, walk next door, it might be better.
  12. According to the Key West Calendar it will dock at B Pier which is behind Margaritaville Resort. If you walk past Margaritaville to Greene Street (Ends at the resort) and go over to the first street (Whitehead) and turn right, it will take you to Southernmost Point approx. 1 mile. With 2 ships in port, the line for pictures might be long. Here are a couple of videos to show you the way. At 2:24 in the first video I pass Greene Street. Video 1 Video 2 Hope this helps
  13. Mark you are welcome and you can always check the KW ship calendar for what pier.
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