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  1. Booked 4 CI category cabins with CP window views on deck 9 on Oasis for the Fall🤞. Two family's will be occupying 4 cabins. Since we needed connecting cabins, all 4 Cabins will be close. Just not in a row. No problem. We get the invoices and i look at the cabin locations, they are all forward. NOT a CP view, just regular inside. Royal has changed the connected inside cabins to cat CI. And it seems in error they assigned the standard forward inside connecting as CI as well. But still classified them as CP view cabins. 9535-9537 & 9543-9545 definitely do not have CP views. The Rep told
  2. I am AMAZED that anyone thinks they are cruising ANYWHERE until coronavirus has a vaccination is beyond comprehension.
  3. I bet the CDC pulls that recommendation by Monday.
  4. Yes, the difference between NY & NJ seems odd. I wonder if NY state just has a higher segment of its population on unemployment as compared with NJ.
  5. Thank you for sharing. My neighbor had a similar experience a few months back. I hope you can turn this around, and find something soon. Stay well.
  6. IMHO, Here is how it plays out And I only covered the main stream lines. NCL - will become insolvent within 6-9 months. FDR will step down, Assets will be sold off within 18 months Disney CL - They will be Ok. however, they will postpone New builds Carnival Corp - Should reman intact. Arnold Donald is a real sharp guy. But i believe Princess will have such negative brand recognition that. It will cease to exist with 6-12 mo. Holland America will sell off their smaller ships for cash flow. RCCL- already postponed several ship refurbishments. Pause all fu
  7. Yes, Walmart is hiring it is close to my home. Actually, they are looking for overnight shift for restocking. Not very glamorous. However, its a paycheck. And, it looks like schools will be shut for the remainder of this semester.
  8. You guys are the real HEROS of the world. God bless you for everything you do for the greater good of all of us. PLEASE STAY SAFE...
  9. Stellarcam, Thank you so much. But, I will take your prayer and pass it on to those who are more deserving than I am. God bless you.
  10. Monday morning I get a call from my (now former employer) he is closing his Jewelry store after 50 years. They had a robbery about 9 months ago. And they were underinsured, and now this crisis was too much to bear the financial hardship. Funny how i could not care less about canceling my cruise. Im so fortunate my family is currently still healthy. What scares me, is where do I go from here? How am i going to provide for my family? A year ago, canceling a cruise would be such a stressful thing to do. Now its just Oh well. Priorities change I guess in times of
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