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  1. So I took the 125% cruise credit for my cancelled March 2020 cruise with Disney. I'm re-booked for Halloween, and I'm supposed to pay in full by July 14th. But how do I do that? When I go to pay, it doesn't give the option to pay with cruise credit.
  2. https://www.hhs.gov/about/news/2020/05/21/trump-administration-accelerates-astrazeneca-covid-19-vaccine-to-be-available-beginning-in-october.html The president and a few pharmaceutical companies have made the promise. Seems like AstraZeneca is in the forefront.
  3. I think cruising will re-start this year. However, with a ton of restrictions. Like not at full capacity, possibly no buffets, etc. So the real question is, what will the restrictions be like in March? If we get the vaccine as promised this year, then there won't be a problem.
  4. Many have rebooked? Really? I called right after I heard of the cancellation. I told them exactly what cruise I wanted to be rebooked on, but I still don't see that I've been booked. Guess I'll have to call them again....
  5. Well, I talked to them on Saturday, 3/14/20, in the morning, and told them exactly what cruise I wanted to be on, yet I still don't see that they've actually booked me. They told me I had "priority" booking.... Whatever that means, as anyone can book the cabin I want right now, while I have to wait for them (maybe it means "last" priority). So I figure I'll have well over $1,000 in cruise credit left over. I'm hoping I can use some of that OBC to book another cruise while on the ship.... Assuming they actually book me....
  6. So my March 25th cruise was cancelled by Disney. I'm taking the 125% credit. So I figured they'd just give me the credit, and then allow me to go out an book whatever I wanted. But when I called Disney they said that they are doing the re-bookings on their end if the credit is taken. So, they cancelled the hold I had on the cruise I wanted. They stated they would try to book me on the cruise I wanted and that they would get back to me. Are others having the same experience?
  7. Huh? Where can I find this online form? I have a sailing for June. The prices just dropped by about $150/person, so it'd be nice to get that new price without being on hold for hours. Thanks!
  8. So the movie Mulan is coming-out on 3/27/2020. Our cruise out of San Diego on the Disney Wonder begins on 3/25/19, ends on 3/29/20. Would they be playing the movie on the ship? If so, would they play it as of 3/25, or as of 3/27?
  9. Here's the menu from the Carnival Panorama from 12/13/19. According to the Panorama chef, this menu is going to other ships as well.
  10. I thought the ropes course was very scary!l Yeah, the AC was my biggest complaint about the whole trip. On day 1 and day 2 the Limelight lounge was stuffy or hot and stuffy. Same with the Horizon main dining room. My next complaint was the spa people, but that's another story. Over all I had a blast. Wish I could have done the back 2 back cruise like almost the rest of the ship....
  11. I'm on the 12/11/19 inaugural cruise for Panorama. FTTF has always just said "sold out." It's possible it was never offered, or perhaps they only made 1 available?
  12. I'm booked for Panorama's inaugural cruise in December of 2019. It shows Faster To the Fun in the excursion's section of the website, but it also shows as "sold-out." It shows the price at $39.99 for the 3 day cruise. Not sure if anyone was actually able to purchase it, I certainly wasn't. I'm also booked for a 4-day cruise on the Imagination for June of 2020. I do not yet have the option of purchasing Faster to the Fun.
  13. For the Carnival Splendor in Long Beach, did they let anyone on the ship as they came-in, or where they strict about the check-in appointments?
  14. Thanks for the info. Note that I have spa reservation on both the Panorama and the Imagination at 12pm on embarkation day, on different dates of course, so it appears that these reservations are common.
  15. I saw on a YouTube video that on the Carnival Vista JiJi's was open during lunch, but changed to the Mongolian Wok and served Mongolian Wok type food (rather than JiJi's type food). Maybe that's just on the Vista class ships?
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