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  1. We have a January 2021 Journeys cruise booked (been booked for about 18 months). We have decided to push that out to a 10 day Journeys cruise in December of 2021. IF cruiselines can sail the beginning of the year, they are going to be limited and shortened itineraries. I don't see anything over 7 days sailing until mid-year or so. We are also sailing out of Charleston, which I don't think will be operational for a couple of months after sailing resumes. That being said, we found an awesome 7 day cruise in a balcony cabin on HAL for mid-Februrary - we are going to book that using our FCC from our November cruise that was cancelled. We also have a 10 day booked in April on X that I'm pretty sure won't go because of the length of itinerary, but we'll cross that bridge when the time comes.
  2. I'm thinking that if any of the results would have come back positive for Corona, they would have had to quarantine the crew, thus the reason for delaying embarkation on this sailing.
  3. Let's also not forget that grandpa also tried to blame all of this on the fact that he's colorblind - he said in an interview, "he was told" that because he's color-blind, that's the reason he didn't see the window was open - which, of course, is totally disputed by the video because, well, you can't lean out of a closed window (for obvious reasons). Mom is an attorney, I think she knew exactly what would happen if this lawsuit was pursued. If she gave a fig about grandpa, she would have highly encouraged him to take the deal that PR offered of no jail time for a guilty plea. Obviously, she saw the $$ signs and opted to pursue the lawsuit. The family has also played the "child's play area" line ad nauseum. However, in the video, it looks to me like there is a bar right behind the bank of windows that grandpa held that child out. I highly doubt a bar area would be described as a child's play area. I never thought he should get jail time, he's in his own special hell at this point, but maybe an example needs to be made that when you lie to try to extort money from a corporation, there are consequences.
  4. Even if you can't get traditional dining and have to take YTD, you can request the same servers each night - just let them know what time you think you'll arrive and they'll usually have a table just about ready for you : ))
  5. When we were on in the Summit in June, they did. All we needed to do was park in the corner of the elevator lobby and then call guest services - within 5 minutes the scooters were gone - they also charged them for us and returned them bright and early the next morning.
  6. I did use Uplift with RCCL for our last cruise - it worked well for me. That being said, I think the only time I would use Uplift again would be on a last-minute deal that I just can't pass up. Something that needs to be paid in full at the time of booking. But, as others have said, no one is forcing anyone to use the option. Some people will find value in it, some will not. Those that don't find the value, simply don't use it : ))
  7. I don't get it either, and I'm actually pretty happy to see them switch to Pepsi, just for the Bubly : )))
  8. the Pure Leaf, Propel, Gatorade and Starbucks will not be part of Bubbles, but will be a part of the alcohol package.
  9. I know NCL has a contract with Pepsi as well. Does anyone who's sailed NCL know how they handle that? Can you ONLY get Pepsi products or do they have a supply of Coke for the bar?
  10. There's never been "free" Pepsi on the Lido - I doubt you will see the current "free" offerings disappear.
  11. You all realize the announcement says "Preferred", not "Exclusive", right? I'm willing to bet there will be Coke in the bars for those who want a Rum & Coke or Crown & Coke. I'm also happy that Bubly will be available under the Bottomless Bubbles package. I don't usually purchase that, but I will with that addition. I do agree it probably means the Freestyle machines will be a no-go on Carnival as well, which disappoints me. I really enjoyed the flavored Vitamin Water on RCCL on our last cruise.
  12. I have a cruise on hold with HAL, it will be our first. We requested an HAC due to the fact that we have two scooters. My question is is the access to the deck in the Lanai cabins flat so we can take the scooters out on the deck from our cabin? Thanks for any feedback!!
  13. It seems to me, from reading some of the comments on here, that one of the biggest problems is if someone puts a hold on an HAC and then releases it, or reserves and cancels, the room doesn't show up on the website as HAC any more - that is something that ALL cruiselines should resolve to fix. This way those that actually need an HAC can find one. And I do not have a clue how a person who booked a guaranteed rate would get an HAC cabin. I'm almost 100% positive that someone was looking for an HAC at some point on that cruise. The other thing that does not help is the cruiselines push people to book HACs when a regular cabin might work. If someone is cruising with one standard size scooter that they use for bad knees (as an example), no other real health concerns, then a standard cabin would most likely be sufficient. A party traveling with two scooters are being directed to book an HAC simply because there is no public space to park and charge. As I stated on a previous comment, we can get by with a standard stateroom (it's a stretch, but we make it work). However, if a cruiseline is going to deny access to me with my scooter (as Carnival is suggesting they will do), that's a problem. My scooter will not fit through a standard cabin door. Rather than denying access to the ship, perhaps they would be better served to have a dedicated scooter storage area. That would open HAC's to availability to those who need a fully accessible bathroom and the other amenties offered.
  14. Agreed and that doesn't even add in the value of the priority debarkation - that's where we found the greatest value on our recent Grandeur cruise - we were called right after the self-service group - got taken to customs as a group (with dedicated agents), then picked up our luggage - from the time we got off the ship and in to the van to head home, was less than 10 minutes...
  15. I also just noticed that RCCL only committed the Enchantment to the 2021 season in Baltimore.
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