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  1. My understanding is that when a new cruise director comes aboard they generally come on about a week prior to the existing CD signing off so they can observe and learn the ship, etc. And Leigh Xuereb is AMAZING!! We had him as our CD in March on the Miracle and he's so much fun!!
  2. We sailed her in March as well and had a great time - she's definitely a smaller ship and is due for her dry dock time. The staff was wonderful, the ship was clean - if you are a fan of the Punchliner, I would recommend arriving early for shows - it's a small space and fills quickly.
  3. The problem with this suggestion is, I prefer Anytime dining for the flexibility to be able to look at activities on a daily basis and choose a time to dine that allows me to see all the shows I want to see, but I also still want the full MDR experience. If you want family style, the Lido deck is a good option for you. The food is already prepared, no waiting - serve yourself and get out in 15 minutes. Perhaps the compromise would be to have MDR menu choices available on the Lido deck every night : ))
  4. If there are no FAC's, I'm actually rethinking the entire cruise - how does Carnival get away with not having any FAC's? This is horribly frustrating - we love sailing out of Carnival (it's our home port), but we need a cabin with a wider entry door...Taking apart my scooter every time I want to come in to the room, is going to be darned frustrating. And thanks for the heads up on room location - they use the Liquid Lounge late at night as a nightclub, right?
  5. We are booked in cabin 3102 for January 2021 - trying to find out if this cabin has the wider entry door as well. The information on Carnival's website seem to indicate that there are NO fully accessible cabins on this ship - every list of door width I've been able to find shows 22" entry doors - we need a wider entry door as my scooter is wider. We've also looked at 7105 and 7106 - these are corner cabins with a view to the outside walkway - again, they show on the site as AAC, nor FAC. Anyone have any input?
  6. I agree with you to a point, but this person didn't have to take advice from "some random folks" on the internet - they could have gone right to CCL's website to verify what documentation they needed to cruise. It's listed on there very clearly. People also need to take responsibility for themselves.
  7. I can certainly understand that the behavior you witnessed would make a huge impact on your overall thoughts on the ship and i am so sorry you had to deal with that on your vacation. I don't know that I would want to sail on a ship that crowded myself. Add to that rude passengers, and it would be a no-go. I do wonder if that issue might be different sailing from a different port. We'e never sailed out of NYC and after reading your review, I'm not sure I would in the future
  8. We were on the Carnival Miracle in March and our cabin had an automatic door.
  9. We were on the Summit in June and even my travel companions standard scooter would not have fit in the cabin without blocking the bathroom door - it was an extremely small cabin and the "sofa" was next to the verandah with not enough room at the bottom of the bed to get the scooter over to that side of the cabin.
  10. I have no idea when Grandeur is going to be added - we had the app on the Summit when we sailed in June and it's more blind hope that Grandeur might be added before we sail - I highly doubt it though...
  11. We cruise with 2 scooters - my cruise partner's scooter is narrow enough to fit in the cabin, but mine is about 1/2 an inch too wide to fit in a standard cabin. Therefore, we are left with no alternative but to book a handicapped cabin. We would do the ambulatory accessible as we don't need the roll in bathroom as the reduce step height is manageable, but they still have a standard door on them. We have been very lucky on our last few cruises that our room stewards gave us permission to park in the elevator lobby (in a corner out of the way) and then we try to either find somewhere on board to charge (we only need to recharge every 2 or 3 days, generally), or on our most recent Celebrity cruise, the steward actually took the scooters and charged them for us and returned them to the elevator lobby early the next morning. A large part of the problem is that every time a new ship launches or an existing ship in the fleet is refurbed, the cruise lines have to create more cabins, thus making the cabins that are already on the ship smaller. We were in a verandah cabin on the Summit in June and one scooter in that cabin would have been a nightmare to get around and there was no way two would have fit (even if mine would have fit through the door). However, with the ambulatory accessible cabins that Carnival Corp offers on their lines, if they would just widen the entry door a couple of inches, that would help tremendously : ))
  12. I'm beginning to think Grandeur is going to be the last ship to be added to the app ; )) I'm stalking and checking for updates daily - we sail on 10/3.
  13. With Carnival, you can use the gift cards for anything they sell, you are not limited to using them for the cruise fare, as RCCL does ; ))
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