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  1. I have cruised on both on more than one cruise each and hands down RCI is way better to me. It is subjective and some will say the opposite but I think RCI has got tNCL beat.
  2. I’m glad you enjoyed Gritty’s! I’ll have to tell my son about the Halloween ale!
  3. I’m glad you are enjoying New England! Tomorrow while in Portland if you go to Gritty’s Brew Pub my son highly recommends their IPA if you like that kind of beer. Have a great time and stay warm it is going to be cold tomorrow.
  4. I am in New England. We are a week or 2 behind on the leaves changing. You should see some great color. Just a warning...it’s getting colder up here. Tomorrow is supposed to only be in the 40’s. I would bring warm clothes and jackets/coats and a hat and gloves if you have any. Have fun!