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  1. What about Empress of the Seas? It's a tiny ship and amazing service. Very love boat like.
  2. Thank you every one. We watched some ship videos based off our recommendations and I think we are going to try Mariner next.
  3. So what does the reservation do? Just get you in early? I saw on another thread people were upset about a new cast coming in and their reservations getting moved. What was that about?
  4. Hi, We are trying to figure out which ship to try next. We picked Empress for Cuba ( but got canceled). We decided to go with the 50% refund and assumed it would not be our thing. WE LOVED IT. Every single second on this ship was perfect. Our teen had a blast too. We never waited in line, we could decide on a whim what to do based on the Compass. The small size didn't bother us at all. We are looking for a June 2021 sailing ( I know these are not out yet). We will book Empress again if it is available but want to start looking at you tube videos and stuff about other ships. We do not want to make reservations for shows-- that is too stressful. We will have a 15 year with us. What ship would you recommend and why?
  5. Okay......Thank you. I haven't heard the word virgin in so long I didn't know it was still used.
  6. But if I want a frozen drink no alcohol vs one with......how do I make that clear when I order? One is covered--- one is not.
  7. I purchased the refreshment package ( the non alcoholic but has the coffee and other drinks without it). If I want to order a drink that is covered under that package what do I say? If I want to order an alcoholic drink to be billed to my sea pass--- how do I order that?
  8. I'm on the June 10 sailing......just got this from my TA... I just heard from Royal that they are changing cruises sailing tomorrow until they hear final word tomorrow night. Once I hear final word from Royal I will email you, but right now there have been no changes to your cruise.
  9. Thank you for posting this. I haven't gotten anything but at least I know what to expect now time -wise and can stop eating my feelings.
  10. Did that come from RCL or your TA? We haven't heard anything yet...we are on Jun 10 sailing.
  11. We are traveling at the same time on Empress with a teen. We were scheduling with FerTours but they shut down. We debated picking another private tour but had the same concerns about the cloak and dagger. We ended up booking an excursion with the ship to be safe.
  12. If we had that option I would be bailing too. We are 50 days away so we have already paid in full.
  13. I am hoping against hope that you are right. I either want Cuba or my money back. I know it doesn't work like that but we would not be on this ship without the Cuba destination. So many other ships we could have spent that money on.
  14. We have been booked on the Jun 10 sailing for a year. We were booked with Fernando and ended up booking a ship excursion when he closed down. I didn't realize this could get darker. It's our first cruise and I am feeling trapped and devastated. If we were on a big fun ship I would just roll with it but this is going to be such a bust if we can't go to Havana. I want to throw up. It's bringing back all the reasons I have never cruised.
  15. Thank you so much for this review. We are first time cruisers in June 2019 who want to go to Cuba. We have friends who are saying we made a mistake by picking such an old ship but your review makes me feel like it is a good starting point for us. Were there many kids or teenagers on the ship?
  16. My only options are Refreshment, Classic Soda + Voom, Bottle Water Package, and the Cafe Card. Weird huh?
  17. We are cruising in June 2019. I want to buy my husband and kid the soda package but the only one we see includes Zoom. Will they offer just the drinks at some point or will I be forced to get the internet package?
  18. I am getting nervous. We are booked on the Jun 10 ( 5 day cruise) It feels like everyone before and after us is getting canceled.
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