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  1. We had the blankets on the Freedom in January.
  2. If you have rough seas, you could get a lot of banging sounds from the waves hitting the front of the ship, Otherwise I see no advangtage to changing,
  3. You can no longer take soft drinks aboard in your checked luggage, they must be in your carryon, we found this out the hard way, they took them away from us. (something that is perfectly legal to take on board) I think it's a terrible policy, it's really hard for older people to try to carry all this in their carry on bags.. Carnival is not nearly as customer friendly as they used to be.
  4. Anyone having delays either getting on or off the ship because of shortage of Customs officers?
  5. We have been pretty loyal to Carnival for several years (over 25 cruises) and have noticed a lot of cutbacks and changes that are not very customer friendly and the service is nothing near what it was several years ago. I'm starting to rethink the whole cruising plans and starting to look at more land vacations and all inclusive ones. Seems that customer loyalty doesn't mean much to Carnival anymore.
  6. 37 days until we leave on the Freedom out of Galveston for a 14 day cruise to the Panama Canal.
  7. We have been on the Triumph several times and would not hesitate to go on her several more times. We actually got off the ship the morning the passengers go on for the "Fire Cruise" It's a well maintained older ship that has really good food and the crews have always been great. If you look at my signature, you can see that we have been on more than 25 Carnival cruises along with several other cruise lines, so we are fairly experienced at cruising. Doug
  8. We will be on the Freedom in Jan. for a Panama Canal cruise, would like to know who will be there then...
  9. My wife just got off the Vista this morning, she isn't home yet for full details, but she was not very fond of it, public areas (showroom, lounges, etc.) are much smaller and it was standing room only numerous times. Looks like they made the ship bigger but cut back the public areas to make room for more staterooms. The Punchliner comedy shows are always standing room only & when they cut back on the size of that lounge, they really screwed that up. I'll know more when she gets back home. We are both Platinum and this was her 27th. Carnival cruise so we have been on quite a few different ships. Doug
  10. Go and enjoy your cruise, I'm sure it will be fine. If you think you may need a wheel chair, let Carnival know & they will take care of it.
  11. My wife is on the Vista now and so far she is not impressed with the ship. Looks like they have made some of the public areas smaller to add more staterooms.. Main showroom much smaller, some of the lounges are smaller, lot of standing room only. Will know more after she gets back.
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