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  1. Quick question .... There are 3 of us sailing on Quantum in October. DH will buy a Deluxe Beverage package, I'll get the Refreshment Package (I don't drink!) by calling them. Will my 16yr DD have to get a refreshment package too or can she get the soda package?
  2. I know. Hence my question! Wonderland itself can't have vanished down the rabbit hole. Thankfully the OP has advised it's still there for us to try.
  3. Thanks again for your updates. What was the situation with Wonderland pls? I know it has an Asian theme to it, but it isn't visible on our October sailing from Beijing to Singapore cruise planner.
  4. We are cruising out of Tianjin on 7 Oct which is her last sailing before dry dock. I'm interested to know about Wonderland as it isn't showing up on the cruise planner anymore. I'll be keeping and eye open for your posts. Have fun.
  5. Thanks @hadley. Yes there are negatives to doing something outside your comfort zone, but I have to say - you have made me more excited about my cruise in October on Quantum from Tianjin. A holiday, just like everything else, is what you make of it. Thank you for your review and taking the time to do it.
  6. Awesome review. Thank you. We are on th 7th Oct sailing from Tianjin and looking forward to it but find so little reviews.
  7. Hi all Looking to book a return flight from Singapore to Perth and wondering if I can get some advice on how quickly we are likely to get off the ship and to the airport? Flights leave at 12 or 2.30pm which take 5 hrs We then have a 4.5hrs drive home.
  8. Hi All I have been reading that the drinks package is likely to be increase come 1 January. Is that the case for all ships and all homeports or just USA based ships? We are cruising in October in Asia - if they are increasing we would be wise to sort them out now. (currently sitting at AU$69).
  9. Bookings for Quantums Oct 2019 sailing have just opened but there isn't an ultimate dining package yet. Will that become available closer to the sail date?
  10. Thanks all. We will keep an eye open for the card. Any saving is a good saving.
  11. Thanks guys. This is certainly helpful to us. I don't drink at all but our friends and hubbie like to have a drink or two in the evening - certainly not 6. Is there a soft drink option to?
  12. Hi there Can someone please tell me about a drinks card? I know there is a coffee card but have only just read about a drinks card (alcohol). Hubbie and friends dont drink enough for a drinks package. We are going on Quantum in October 2019. TIA
  13. Hi guys Could you help me out? I'm Lactose intolerant and love my lactose free coffee and cereal in the morning. I've stayed at many 5* hotels that don't offer Lactose Free milk instead suggesting soy or almond milk. Can I ask if RCCL have LF milk - especially on Quantum class ships? Thanks
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