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  1. I am wondering why didn't Princess skip Montevideo to give more time for Antarctica. Would it be perhaps the weather and sea condition only allows for that 2 days?
  2. Thank you cflutist. I have just got myself Nikkor 70-300mm lens as I can't afford and do not want to bring bulkier telephoto lens. We have to thank erber for spending time to update us live from Coral Princess sailing Antarctica and South America. I will be on 21st Jan 2020 cruise with same itinerary and very much looking forward.
  3. Hi erber, do you think investing in telephoto lens 70-200m will be able to capture the “far away” penguins and whales? My initial plan is to bring my 2 lens 10-24mm and 24-70mm, however looking at wildlife that you saw but unable to capture due to distance, I am considering investing in a telephoto lens.
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