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  1. Is there a live band and dance floor in the Red Frog Pub on the Breeze?
  2. Well, I COULD say that "BAMA owns New Orleans too" but I'm not. Your response was too funny. I love LSU fans. I think we really understand each other. RTR
  3. Last year, on the Dream, we traveled with two other couples; friends of ours. We were all in "The Great Gatsby" era costumes. The ladies were the bees knees in their ritzy Flapper dresses. Us guys looked spiffy, like a bunch of hard boiled, pinstriped gangsters. Lots of fun, lots of strange looks. (Notice the use of 20"s slang?)
  4. On my first cruise, I learned to never, ever stand too close to the action during the glow party on deck. When the party crew started throwing the little glow-in-the-dark rings, I was literally elbowed in the chest and blocked out like a basketball player waiting on a rebound by a teenaged girl. I hope she enjoyed her little 10 cent toy.
  5. Well, thanks to the good advise from all the fine people from this board, I am an official member of AARP. I already have accumulated enough points on the "Rewards for Good" program to get my $700 worth of gift cards (It's really easy). Here's the plan: I will buy $500 in cruise cash (this is the limit per cabin). I can use this for buying some souvenirs, Pixels, etc. and drinks (buckets of beer, shot glasses at MDR, souvenir cups, etc) I will also buy $200 in bar cash. Obviously, this goes specifically for our alcohol consumption. With everything paid before I board the ship, I feel this is a better financial plan than paying up for Cheers and feeling "obligated" to reach my limit in order to get my money's worth.
  6. Schazzy, that's good advice I will definitely look into. Thanks!
  7. Okay, you got me. I'm hoping my DW will be in the cabin with me.
  8. You are all correct. I am not worried about a limit I will, most likely, never reach. However, with Cheers you cannot buy a bucket of beer for your friends when it's your turn to buy. You cannot buy room service beer when you are in your room. You cannot buy the "drink of the day" souvenir cup. Also, with Cruise Cash and/or Bar Cash, you can pay this ahead of time, just as you would when you buy Cheers. Coeven, you mentioned 10 drinks per day would add up to roughly $100 per day. $700 for a 7 day cruise. If I buy $500 Cruise Cash and $200 Bar Cash it would still be less expensive than Cheers, with no restrictions. (sorry for the math lesson, I'm still trying to work this out myself)
  9. Has anyone ever bypassed buying the Cheers package with all its limits and restrictions and used Cruise Cash or Bar Cash instead, with no restrictions?
  10. Now THAT is a great idea. Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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