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  1. Why not just move on? Personally, I look where I'm walking. Maybe accept even a tiny bit of blame for this and get on with your life. Accidents happen.
  2. Hollywood Beach Broadwalk is fun and practical. Can get there via water taxi.
  3. Went through FLL this morning. Between parking and getting through security we tallied about 12 minutes from getting out of the car to sitting at the gate. I am still yet to experience the horror stories from some posters but anything is possible.
  4. It's worth the ride to a better beach. Love Beach is a great spot. Also a day pass for Melia is pretty affordable.
  5. I'm a pizza snob and I found Sorrento's to be just fine for what it is. Definitely not the worst pizza I've ever had. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Not everything has to be a competition! It's just good pizza.
  6. When were you planning on making the trip to Orlando? The day of your flight? Or are you making the trip the day your cruise comes in? The question is a bit confusing without more information.
  7. Oh they did expand. They added a controversial new runway to handle more passengers and flights. Big expansion. Of course, the terminals are basically the same and the pickup and drop off lanes are the same. All too crowded and too small during busy times. Used to be the smaller and easier airport. But those days are long gone. No sure they will ever be able to fix it.
  8. I've personally never seen a surge at Miami or Fort Lauderdale Airport. Tons of Uber drivers line up and wait. Should be fine.
  9. I'd much rather hang out at the airport than a cruise ship on the last day. At least you are AT your next destination and have that out of the way. Airport has restaurants, bars, etc. Cruise ship you sit in a lounge or whatever as everything is closed and a sense of "get out" in the air.
  10. 35 - 45 minutes. Adding in waiting for an Uber or transportation. I'd plan for an hour, too.
  11. If you do self-disembarkation, it should be easy making a 10:15 flight without rushing.
  12. 😊 I think more cruisers would find Plantation a great option. It's a straight shot to the port on the highway and just a few minutes away. More restaurants and what not than 17th Street area, too. Uber is readily available and for a few bucks you can go to all sorts of restaurants and things to do. Cheaper hotel rates don't hurt either. I'm not a big fan of 17th Street. It's just a couple of shopping centers and not that walkable either.
  13. I'd take Plantation over 17th street regardless. Lots of great stuff within walking distance or a short Uber..
  14. Plantation to PE is a $20 Uber. Not worth transferring at the airport to save a couple bucks.
  15. And yet the Orlando route for Southwest is generally full. A lot of people don't like driving. Glad we have options.
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