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  1. Thanks for the responses - they are very helpful !
  2. We have been on several cruises with our son but he has always been in the kids club and really enjoyed it. We are looking to cruise next summer and he will be 13. I know that puts him in the teen club. I am worried he will be a little lost as he is used to the structure of the younger group and it helps him be comfortable when Counselors break the ice. For those who have cruises with a young teen did they like the teen club ? What types of activities did they do ? Is there any structured time or is to on then to figure it out - thanks
  3. He likes to hang with other kids - likes video games - enjoys wandering the ships and loves music and shows. Swimming will keep him happy for a short time but definitely not hours - he does a lot of swimming at home - It would be the summer when kids are out of school -
  4. Hi - I haven’t been on a celebrity cruise in 20 years we have been on Norwegian and Royal Caribbean the last few years - we cruise with our son and he will be 13 on our next cruise so first time in the teen category. How is Celebrity with a teen ? I know the ships don’t have the rope courses - slides - cars etc that the other lines do but is there enough to keep the kids happy ?
  5. - I am one of those “ lurkers” but I felt the need to post to say I really enjoyed your review. I had a really stressful few days and your review gave me something to look forward to and distract me so thanks for that!
  6. We stayed in an aft facing on the getaway deck 9 - loved it! You will love the peace and view ! Enjoy !
  7. We cruised the Getaway last November and enjoyed the cruise and the ship- I think that everyone looks at different things when cruising. We had sailed the Escape 5 months prior so we compared the 2 and felt the escape was an overall better experience but again we still enjoyed the Getaway we just had several evenings with staff that wasn’t very attentive. Also, their seemed to be many more chair hogs on the Getaway - I think those issues were cruise related and not ship related - Enjoy!
  8. We stayed in a forward facing on the Escape and it was nice - we also stayed on the Getaway in Aft facing on deck 9 and it was incredible !
  9. They had a few on our August cruise can’t remember which ones except I know they had New Castle brown ale because my husband had it -
  10. It was around $60/70 for the 3 of us to play but there were much more expensive packages where you can get numerous cards ( we had 3 for each game - they did 3 games) they even had packages with iPads for electronic bingo-
  11. Wow that is awesome ! Yes I can see how packing would be a challenge ! Good luck and have a great trip - we wanted to do Canada / NE but wasn’t sure if my 10 yr old would enjoy it -
  12. Is it happening soon? I am trying to decide what cruise to take next -
  13. For the first time we went for a bridge tour which was really impressive - we all enjoyed this and the first officer was so informative and interesting to listen to- we went to dinner at Coastal Kitchen - I had a Caesar salad - French onion soup - cauliflower rice and chocolate cake - I enjoyed the meal and the staff is really wonderful there - we have tips every time we went to CK but they really make the experience great. After dinner we went to pack - worse thing about a cruise 😢- after packing I needed a drink so I went Boleros and got a coconut mojito- it was delicious- took the drink to the pub to listen to Cat for the last time - my son went to the kids club to say goodbye to his cruise friends - lights out 11:30-
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