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  1. not static, just wish it was true for Platinum card as well
  2. sorry, that hint made no difference. We have Platinum card as well and there is no Regent Cruise benefit. Maybe not for that card.
  3. I was able to wait list from the excursions page on line
  4. It's an awfully expensive cruise to self insure the cancellation cost at a minimum. I know medical on the ship is covered but if you have to go to a hospital it can add up if your own medical insurance doesn't cover the cost
  5. the porters will take your bags and put them on the bins that go to the ship. I always watch until they are at least in the bins. The porters will also remind you that they should get tips. Only port I've experienced this at, even though we always tip them
  6. It is 124.50 each way per person to fly from nongateway airport, as RSW is. We can book from Atlanta and fly from RSW to Atlanta on our own, but not sure how much money we would save doing this. We are comfortable making the choice of which airport to fly to and from based on the situation and have not had to pay any additional fees to Regent for a specific flight. sometimes we book our own flights because the price is better or at least equal to the allowance. Every cruise is different. Last March we did a cruise nearly last minute and had to book our own flight because it was too late for Regent to do so.
  7. Sometimes we have an extra flight but sometimes not. When we went to Beijing the flight from Miami and Rsw both connected with the same flight from Detroit. Especially on the way home we would prefer a 2nd Connection rather than the 2 hour drive from Miami. If course there is an additional charge to fly from RSW as it's not a gateway for Regent
  8. I find much inconsistency in the hair dryers. Its like they went to Walmart and bought whatever stock was there. I have had different sizes, different wattage, and both US and european plugs with no rhyme or reason of which it would be. I understand that if you don't like the one you have you can request a replacement
  9. deviation is 175 each person. I don't mind the drive to Miami when going if there is a reason to do so but not the drive home so RSW works for us. We chose these flights and booked through Regent as they met our needs. We have found connections in the past that are the same from Miami or RSW, connect to the same flight, so why drive.
  10. can you afford to move to category E? It would be worth the slightly higher cost. The more forward you are the better, the vibrations in the back of the ship can get pretty strong at times. I wouldn't worry about the theater noise. We have loved being on deck 6 on Navigator. but more forward. It is the most convenient deck and lower in case of rough seas.
  11. we always get 2 bottles of liquor and 1 bottle of wine. If you empty the bottles they will replace them. We request this from our stewardess when we first get to our suite but some say you can order through Regent in advance, especially in a PH and above
  12. I pay $50 plus tip for the same service and I go to one of the less expensive stylists here. Yours sounds like a real bargain.
  13. Which country website are you on? The US site includes everything in the price, including port charges and taxes, and air fare. Other countries do not get air included so might be less expensive.
  14. we are going to Hong Kong. Using Delta/ Korean Air. Crazy connections but my husband insists on Delta. Miami, JFK, Seoul, Hong Kong. . coming home we are tokyo to Ft Myers with change in Atlanta
  15. we are flying on February 27 for March 1 cruise. did custom air. Requested a flight on Delta through atlanta and was told that itinerary was not available. Have to go through new York.
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