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  1. As I read it I think Regent Assurance applies for all cruises through 2022. the ability to book at 50% reduced deposit and $1000 onboard credit is only for May through July
  2. I believe the FCC will be carried forward to another cruise.
  3. from my experience with a FCC from the Mar 1 cruise that we cancelled before they cancelled it and gave refunds. We received cash back for the taxes. We received full FCC for everything else. Had to use it all on one cruise. (I'm seeing on some posts that Regent is allowing you to split it but that was not our experience) found a cruise that we wanted. Credited the FCC up to the amount of the "cruise only" fare. Owe still the rest which I think amounts to the airfare and taxes. Had to pay a deposit but it was not based on the full cost of the cruise. Just the
  4. look on the Regent site near the bottom under Regent Reassurance
  5. we have American Express Platinum which, if you notify them of an illness, will take charge of any hospitalization and evacuation if needed.
  6. I'm glad your TA was able to send the list to Regent. I am sure the tours will be booked. I still don't understand why you were having so much trouble but if it gets resolved it will be good.
  7. FCC is on your account. If you book another cruise just let Regent or your TA know that you have a FCC and it will be applied. I used mine but never actually got a notice from Regent that it was there, other than hearing from my TA that it would be available
  8. I vowed not to post on this topic again as it has gotten so out of hand but I can't let this go. 25% per person is off the per person fare so it is still 25% of the total paid, not 50%.
  9. I had WIFI calling with a 2 G shared plan . I think it might depend on your phone. Call them
  10. flossie009, I have not been informed of a new itinerary and the Regent website has not changed
  11. It would be nice if they would share with us. We are on the mar 1 sailing. so far what has been offered to the Feb 12 cruisers is far more generous than what we have been offered.
  12. I had this problem several times. My TA was able to get me the list of available excursions and book them for me
  13. interesting. the email we received for the Mar 1 cruise following the Feb 12 is only giving the future cruise credit of 25%, no refund. Seems like we should get more.
  14. well, currently Regent is avoiding Hong Kong, I think the letter we got says the port is closed, but has not told us what they are doing instead.
  15. several US airlines have cancelled flights to Hong Kong, and yet Regent is silent on changes to the Hong Kong trips this and next month. It is very frustrating.
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