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  1. we loved it, its a must on all cruises now we loved it. we went each day we were on a 11 day
  2. how can i look up info for the Joy here on this page we sail on September 29 aboard in The Haven want to find info and fellow cruisers thank you
  3. Same here I wanted to make sure I got a real Deal. If not. I could have paid more and for sure got the room we wanted we are so blessed to have got the owners suite with double balcony for half of what actual price it books for
  4. Booked balcony mini suite in March in September started bidding two weeks ago we got notice we got the owners suite Last week they sent me the new luggage tags in the mail we sail this Sunday
  5. Or on the email where it shows And confirms your bids There’s a spot there to click back on them and to review them into change your bid or cancel
  6. Until you win or the bidding is closed you’ll keep getting the option to go back on there and change your biD click on the same link And it gives you an option to review each of your bids just go down the list
  7. When I was doing my bidding on every upgrade except for the garden suite all my bids showed poor but I actually got the one for the owner suite with a double balcony even when it showed really poor im hoping you all get yours
  8. This sunday 11 day out of Puerto Rico on the Norwegian Dawn we won the bid for the owner suite with the double balconies Have had the trip booked since March we just found out we got the bid two weeks ago
  9. I did not see that on mine but I saw the credit card charge pending first so then I knew. Woohoo i am so hoping you get yours. Let us know which cruise. Which ship are you on
  10. All my bids said POOR for an 11 day many folks said I would not get it but we did
  11. On an 11 day On the Dawn out of Puerto Rico next Sunday November 25
  12. I bid 750 on the OS and did not get it and 1060 on the OS with double balconies And got it On the family suites with balcony I bid 600 FS without I bid the same 600 we won the bid for the owners suite with 2 balconies woooooohoooooo so exciting
  13. My bid confirmations were only on email After I placed them and when I got one the confirmation came on email Who we booked though had/ has no control or anything to do with these even the NCL agents don’t even know who will get them is what my NCL person told me hope you get your bid I increased my bid a little bit up for about a month then we got one
  14. Thank you for simplifying and posting We appreciate you 🙂
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