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  1. Update Today: 'Due to the ongoing uncertainty with international cruising, Marella Cruises has unfortunately extended cancellations for its planned sailings on Marella Discovery up to and including 25th October 2021, and on Marella Discovery 2 up to and including 31st October 2021. Marella Explorer 2’s planned sailing from Naples to Montego Bay on 4th November has also been cancelled.'
  2. Maybe being optimistic, but anyone think that cancelling cruices will be replaced with USA itinerary from florida.
  3. Have Marella made any announcements about if you can get off the ship only on ship booked excursions like other cruise companies and will this affect the Caribbean for 2021/22 bookings
  4. Any thoughts if and when the 5 night cruises out of New York (Cape Liberty) will be available for 2022
  5. Any news, thoughts on where Summer 2022 itineraries might be and what ships
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