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  1. I am going on Freedom of the Seas next month and I'm thinking of taking my laptop with me as I am taking a couple online classes and really should keep in touch with it while I am gone? I tried searching but I'm having trouble finding info about how much the Wifi packages are. Anyone?
  2. I cruised in 2006 while about 21 weeks pregnant on RCCL. I had a MD note and a copy of my medical records with me, but no one ever asked to see them. I wasn't self conscious, as a matter of fact I think I got special treatment from the crew because of it!! I did get a massage at the spa and was just sure to tell them I was pregnant so they could modify the tummy lying stuff... If you are on a boat that has not recently updated bedding or is not a newer ship with better bedding.... I would ask your stateroom attendant for an "egg crate" they will put it under the sheet and it made a HUGE difference for my hips! Just remember no hot tubs.... that was the hardest thing for me as they are usually a favorite spot of mine!!!
  3. I will say I am an RCCL girl all the way.... don't know if I'll ever switch .. I have an aversion to Carnival (too many horror stories).... However I WILL say that even though I have never personally sailed NCL... the new EPIC looks pretty spectacular!!
  4. Thanks Jill!! If you could please post a review of it (maybe some pics??) when you go I would be SOOO appreciative!!!
  5. If so can you give me opinions? Spcifically we have 8200 and on the deck plans it "looks" bigger than the others to me? Or am I just imagining things? Also how was the walk from being so far forward? Was it inconvenient? And if you use the forward elevators to go up to the pool deck can you get "around" the solarium with your kids or is there no other way but through that area.....
  6. Specifically we have 8200. Which seems to me if I look at the deck plans it "looks" bigger than others. I am excited to have a roomy cabin for a change! Can anyone give any input? Sailed in one? If you have, how did you find the walk from being so far forward all the time? The other question I had is if we take the forward elevators up to the pool deck, is there a way "around" the Solarium? We will have 3 kids with us and know we are not supposed to fo traipsing through there.... can you get around it without going through on that deck?????????????? THANKS!
  7. you SUCK!!! I would LOOOOOOVE to see an Oasis class somewhere in the north!!!!!
  8. Am I the only Mom who is a bit paranoid about the ship railings? I can't seem to get the image out of my head of my four year old son trying to climb them and falling overboard :eek: Anyone else have this fear? Am I being completlely ridiculous????
  9. I never had a problem with it... the 1st time I used it to purchase something I automatically got 10,000 bonus points. Then 1 point for every other dollar spent but 2 points for every dollar spent with RCCL. Right now I am using it to pay the remainder of our cruise to get to the next "level" of rewards. I hould have a nice onboard credit my November. I have this and a Disney Visa. I break up my purchases among the two but use one or the other for everything I can... I am always earning towards a vacation!!!
  10. So for the past two months I have gotten my children (who will be 6,4 and 2) ALL pumped up about our Disney/ cruise on FOS in November. Then the bomb drops.... I find out husband has been cheating on me. So now I don't know if we will be together in Nov. However the thought of telling the kids their trip is canceled breaks my heart. Can I do it alone? I know the older two will love the kids club and the youngest and I can hang together.... but am I crazy? Also if I do this we won't need a family stateroom anymore... can I have it changed?
  11. We are doing a closed loop cruise and have always used birth certificate/ driver's license in the past, but with the new laws we will be getting passports this time around. Full book ones for DH and I and the passport cards for the kids.... I agree, totally worth the peace of mind!
  12. This would be an awesome idea, but our youngest will be too little for the kids club and I am worried about bringing a cranky 2yo to dinner!!!
  13. My children will be 6, 4 and 2 when we sail. Is there anything to do on Cozumel with them????
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