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  1. We are not supposed to get snow this early either but then it is New England...lol Just glad it was only a dusting!
  2. My now husband tried that about 42 years ago. Then boyfriend I forbid you to go out tonight over the phone ! Challenge excepted! Got a few girlfriends together we went out and staggered I mean got home and about 4:00AM. He never tried that again! lol
  3. I have found even when I am told to go to the table if it is busy I keep walking .Even when I do stop the bottle is in my cabin that night!
  4. Well use to do a lot of reading before computers! Zip code and year I made that name up!
  5. Agree I wear my mask when I have to go out and distance, stay home mostly!
  6. Also high risk and will get it when available! emphysema, Cancer survivor and a few other things I won't bore you with rather die from the vaccine then suffer for days in a hospital trying to breathe I already know how that feels, will take my chances!
  7. Sitting on the balcony sipping wine 🙂
  8. I had a woman get in the hot tub with visible psoriasis which you cannot catch. I thanked her for clearing out the hot tub gave us much more room! We had a great time relaxing and talking and laughing I also suffer from this but you could not see mine! We both giggled that they had been in the hot tub with me before her! Grow up people she said if they asked she would have been happy to explain.
  9. Well that sucks! Airlines want to raise prices cruise companies they are going to price some of us out of the market. Retired and now have to watch my funds. Grateful for all the cruises I did get to do though!
  10. I would take vaccine in a heartbeat so sick right now not funny took a covid test on Friday should get results tomorrow! Poor husband just about carried me in and out of the car! I had a compression fracture of the vertabea. Which means my bones decided not to support me . I was at three different doctors and a hospital. I wore my mask but I picked somthing up! Stay well everyone!
  11. Oh boy can I relate.. I have a compression fracture to my vertabrea ! My bones just decided not to support me! 😞 I felt my doctor was poo pooing me told me to take tylenol! Lucky for me she took a day off. Another doctor in her office sent me for an xray. I was in tears by then you can only take so much pain! He gave me the good meds I slept for 10 hours..lol
  12. Not having this problem on my desktop computer but i am on my laptop. Very annoying!
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