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  1. Ten years is nothing to sneeze at congrats! You have not killed each other so then there is that ! Keep laughing 🙂
  2. Agree we have 42 years you stay it gets better! We all go through bad times but then the good times come back 🙂We don't have alot but we have each other!
  3. We missed our 40 the wedding anniversary your 41st and 42nd! Was I bummed of courser but at the end of the day my Husband is still here 🙂
  4. Have fun! I was too smart for school! No prom no runions just a GED when I smatened up! I did keep a state job for 24 years and worked my way up! you better believe I made sure my son stayed in school !
  5. Big scam we have it here also! I no longer donate to anything! We have a homeless shelter near our stop & shop gave this girl a few bucks a couple of years ago said she was hungry. We stopped at the liquor store for wine guess who was there ! Never agaIn! I am far from rich! I knew better!
  6. Look up the Kitty Cat cam! It is a little sad right now but they manage to knock the stuffing out of each other laying down like any other Kitten! Purpose is to get them adopted! This litter Mom got distemper so they got CH! They still have fun wish I was there would take one or maybe two!
  7. Look up a Video and song by Kane Brown ( Homesick) anyone who has had a family member overseas gets it! I am hooked on that song and I am in your age group or above!
  8. We have to keep laughing! Don't think the Doc would mind! 🙂My neighbor asked to park her SUV in our driveway. Work being done on her driveway ! I called her and said my husband thanks you for our new SUV 🙂 She spit her coffee out! lol If u make someone else laugh just a bigger win!
  9. A little funny! so reading a post from my town I thought it said celeberty will be ready tomorrow! All excited until I reread it he said Celery we have a Farmers Market on Thursday 🙂 Still cracking myself up but need to be quiet already woke hubby once lol Hey I am retired got to have some fun 🙂 Gigi!
  10. Have fun we are in Mass and have the heat also so the AC is already on 🙂
  11. Also in Mass but in a part Boston Politicians do not know! Just waving Hello 🙂 I worked for the state, campus police officer 24 years had more than one tell me we were in the boondocks no wonder we get nothing here! lol Have a great time on your trip! Masshole lol
  12. They are a test for sure have two Grands that are a handful ! Could never do it now 🙂 Although they are more into slapping the crap out of each other! Called my son from the backyard one day alarmed ! He said Mom they do this every day lol Although they choose to stay in the same bedroom but could have their own rooms. Nothing like a sibling lol 🙂 6 and 8
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