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  1. I will be in Cartagena for a cruise port day in December 2020 and am most interested in a walking tour of Getsemani saddled with a tour of the walled city. I haven't seen much info on this forum about Getsemani. None of the recommended tour operators mention this upcoming section of the city on their site. What's the best way to explore this part of the city? The murals look so beautiful!
  2. Remember when the Lido Deck parties were actual parties and not 20 minutes of dancing to the latest line dances?
  3. Meh. I think it was recently put in the fridge, but it was an acceptable drinking temperature. Still pretty yummy.
  4. I got my Bubly from the coffee bar on my cruise in January. The barista handed me the can. The flavors on the Valor were grapefruit, orange, and lime. Pepsi is the owner of Bubly, so there is hope Carnival will expand the flavors onboard once the product transition settles down.
  5. We'll see you on the Valor next Monday!!! I recommend getting a mani/pedi at home and enjoying the other spa services like facials and massages. The spa doesn't offer any discounted mani/pedi combos. The Fire & Ice Manicure is $59 and the Fire & Ice Pedicure is $75. A Shellac Manicure is $49. A Shellac Pedicure is $69. For the same price as a mani/pedi, you can get a massage.
  6. The addition of the Alchemy Bar on any ship will sell us on the Cheers package. We really enjoy the pre/post dinner drinks. Salut!
  7. I ♥️ this thread. It has me reminiscing of my first several cruises. The biggest thing I've learned since the early cruising years is to layout what you plan to pack and then halve it. I only take 3 pairs of shoes and they must go with whatever I'm packing. You can wear the same outfit twice; people are really not going to notice and if they do, they won't judge. I still wear a lanyard or switch it up to a wristlet. If I know my DH isn't leaving my side for the evening, he my even cary my SS card. I like to switch it up that way. I would never judge someone on how they carry their card or for carrying a purse. We're on vacation. We're not the fashion police. What I do notice is sometime newbies will have the daily activity sheet in their hands, roaming the hallways looking like lost sheep. I step in and try to point them in the right direction, as I would have wanted someone to do for me, if I had found myself in a similar situation. I feel like we can help mentor these novice cruisers into having a great trip. Here are my tips: 1) Stay away from the Inch of Gold sale. The stuff tarnishes quickly and the clasps break quick too. Not worth the $$. 2) Ports of Call talks are sales pitches to go into the cruise line sponsored stores. Do your research before you board. 3) If you and your cabin-mate both don't have the internet package to communicate, come up with a communication system or meeting places at certain times or you will be roaming the ship looking for each other. 4) Relax. Don't feel like you have to do everything. You CAN do everything (but you don't have to). 5) You might need a vacation from vacation depending on how much you do onboard. Now, I still get advice from more senior cruisers than I. There are hidden gems in some ports which I've not been to. When I'm sitting at the bar, I like soliciting feedback from my more seasoned cruisers. Never once, has anyone looked down on me for picking their brain. I think most people like to be helpful. Newbies - use this to your advantage. Enjoy your trip everyone!
  8. conjr


    Check your cruise documentation. I believe our last cruise stated the above protocol.
  9. I'm intrigued! I am trying to visualize what this looks like and am having a hard time. Would you be willing to share a picture?
  10. You'll love it; especially the pool!
  11. We sailed out of Mobile in March. Our checkin time was 12:30, but arrived at the terminal around 11 am. We walked right on-board. There was no wait at all!
  12. We were on the Dream over this past NYE and really enjoyed ourselves. I’ve included some footage from the NYE party on the lido deck. 375D419C-B492-4B68-B5F0-92AC03C5A3E1.MOV 375D419C-B492-4B68-B5F0-92AC03C5A3E1.MOV 375D419C-B492-4B68-B5F0-92AC03C5A3E1.MOV 375D419C-B492-4B68-B5F0-92AC03C5A3E1.MOV 375D419C-B492-4B68-B5F0-92AC03C5A3E1.MOV 57C1EB80-2525-4822-9086-40C57346AD59.MOV
  13. I try to avoid laundry, period; especially on vacation. I'm not sure how available the machines are.
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