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  1. Happy to cruise with Princess again as soon as all the nonsense stops. Get back to normal....and we are on there!
  2. How absolutely dreadful. This is not a relaxing, enjoyable holiday.
  3. I wont sail with RC again.....treatment is appalling compared to other cruiselines. And so expensive!
  4. Just think.......with no more Buffets.....all those people will now eat in the MDRs....shorts, bad manners.....greed. MDRs will never be the same again! Be careful what you wish for!
  5. Actually, the bacon is very healthy, providing its not cooked in grain oils..... and is better for you than the lettuce.
  6. You cant socially distance on a holiday....lets get that straight. People go away to socialise, for one....to meet new people. Dance, chat, play games....have fun. You cant do that and socially distance. As for no Buffets..... No Buffet = No cruising for us. There is absolutely no reason to remove Buffets from cruises.
  7. To be fair....you still havent seen it. FCC in your personaliser is just a number in a computer. Its not a refund. You can use it to book a cruise with next year, and they could cancel that cruise......its just a way of stalling actual cash refunds. You have not received a refund.
  8. Are you joking? Thrilled? Im not sure why anyone would want to buy Princess merch when not on a cruise anyway....I mean, its one thing buying that souvenir T-Shirt....or being suckered into buying a pretty brooch....... But to buy stuff online from a cruise company who are refusing to refund any of its customers???????? You have to be kidding!!
  9. Im sure most people are understanding........definitely, at first, people were very understanding and supportive and also prepared to be patient. But when does patience run out in your book? 3 months? 6 months? A year? How long is reasonable to wait for a refund? As far as I can see......there does not seem to be a progression of refunds happening. Its at a standstill. Noone seems to be getting anything. If people could see .......'Ahhh, we are up to the end of March refunds now......April next' and can see people posting "Yes, I got my refund today for cruise on 1st April"
  10. If they take Buffets off cruise ships, then I wont be going. Buffets do not need to be removed. Those who dont like them, dont go to them. Buffets were fine before Covid 19 came along....and now all of a sudden they are being blamed for it? Nope.
  11. The refund process seems to have stopped. I keep seeing posts in various places asking people to state when their sail date was/is and if they have had a refund. Early March seems to have been refunded....but has stopped somewhere in the middle..... And its been like that for a few weeks now. Im not sure why they blanket cancelled so many cruises all at once when they hadnt dealt with cruises up to May as yet..........all they did was open up the phone lines to even more people demanding a return of money.
  12. No. FCC is a gesture of good will to say sorry for the cruise being cancelled....and here is a little something to put towards the next one. Noone should receive it in cash.
  13. This is not really accurate, if you're from the UK. The over 70s group can go out now and it is only recommended that people from the vulnerable group need to stay shielded. So those with specific illnesses, such as COPD and issues, such as some cancers and transplant recipients. ~Anyone who cannot work from home can go to work so long as the employer can do as much as possible to aid social distancing/hygiene. ~People can go out to exercise, go shopping, help someone vulnerable, visiting people when cooling down after arguments, or collecting medications. ~Numerous shops are open.
  14. Hotels are open. My daughter is a hotel manager, and is working with guests in the hotel. The restaurants and bars inside the hotel are closed, but hotels themselves are open. There are a lot of people working who need hotels, travellers who are going from one place to another.....key workers need hotels etc
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