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  1. do RC do their own insurance? I cannot see a way around this unless the FCO lift the restriction
  2. Is anyone from the UK going on the Greek Isle cruise this summer? If so have you found any insurance that will cover you? Until the Foreign Office lift the ban for international cruising I cannot find any insurance company who will cover me. Or are you just taking a gamble and going anyway? thanks
  3. If I pay for my cruise in full before the due date The cruise gets cancelled before the due date Do I get a 125% credit for the full amount or just the deposit? thank you
  4. Just come back from my first RC cruise, I gambled enough to get given a certificate for a junior suite from the casino. There are loads of cruises printed on the back, but, someone mentioned you can receive money off a cruise that is not on the list, is that off any cruise? I was told I would get another free cruise, but, I don’t know how that works - any expert on here using casino certificates? I was talking to someone who has been on 11 free cruises using the certificate. I know people are going to say how much did you gamble to get it, I would gamble anyway, so switching to RC means at least I get something, the other cruise companies I got nothing eg Cunard. Thank you
  5. I was not looking for a reason not to pay to take them, they have never been on a cruise so had no idea if it was suitable with a baby, I am not going to take the risk and will arrange something else suitable for them! thank you everyone for your helpful comments
  6. thank you everyone, that has made my mind up and saved me loads of money !
  7. We are booked on the RHAPSODY OF THE SEAS next May. I am thinking of paying for my son and his wife and their baby who will be 6 months at the time to come with us. However, would you take a 6 month baby on a cruise? There will be 4 adults in total to help what do you think?
  8. Do you get much choice on where you can use your voucher? This was the problem with celebrity choice of 4 and 2 had already sailed. I gamble a fair bit, which is all part of the holiday for me, so I think it will not too difficult to get to whatever level I need to get to (fingers crossed)
  9. thanks everyone, I am going to concentrate on Royal Caribbean from now, Celebrity Casino Certificate was a disappointing scheme - you live and learn
  10. Do they still issue casino certificates? I gamble a fair bit while on a cruise, I have a Celebrity certificate, but, it is so restricted on its use, in fact 2 of the dates had already past when the host gave me the certificate. I am thinking of switching to somewhere my play will be rewarded. Any tips would be really appreciated. Thank you
  11. I received the certificate when on the the Edge last month, we have rung the telephone number and they said we can only use on the dates printed, this is not what our casino host told us. A bit disappointed to be honest
  12. I have been given a Casino Certificate, there are dates on the front that it can be used against, unfortunately, I cannot make those dates. The Casino Host said to ring the number on the back of the certificate and ask them if they can do any other dates. Has anyone had any success using a Casino Certificate? thank you
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