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  1. Michaelangelo is one of my favorite hotels in NYC and very convenient for whatever you want to do
  2. Mr Beans

    Jogging Deck

    I was on Viking Sea in Jan and walked the deck several mornings, only saw 2 people jogging. Agree with others, they are hosing the deck and there are slippery spots and the blind corners so joggers would probably prefer the treadmills.
  3. We were on the Sea during the January outbreak. It was small and I thought Viking did an excellent job - crew worked through the night, changes were made immediately (spa and pool closed, buffet was no longer self serve, crew was at the door to restaurants ensuring people washed their hands before entering, menus and things like salt and pepper shakers were removed from the tables - clearly they have a process that gets followed). All we saw for several days were crew members walking around cleaning railings, elevator buttons, etc.
  4. We were there in mid January during the last shutdown and the forts were open
  5. Vineyard View - We stayed in Philipsburg mainly because there were a number of ships in port that day. We took a water taxi to the beach area and did a fairly quick walk around on Front St. Most of the shopping is jewelry and the usual stuff. We did not check out the restaurants - I hadn't seen any during my initial research that I wanted to go to. Would have liked to have gone over to the french side to eat but wasn't sure how much would actually be open
  6. The train wasn't awful - just alittle more low key than I was expecting, basically a ride through the countryside, with entertainment and rum drinks. In St Lucia we used Cosol, yes I was concerned about getting back, many of these companies guarantee to be back and ask for your ship info prior, I knew it was to be about a 6 hour tour but obviously we went much longer, picked up at 8:20 and we got back a little before 4pm. St Thomas & St Martin were the 2 ports with lots of shopping and restaurants, all others were pretty small.
  7. Once was during the Seafood Buffet night which was pretty popular, also we tend to eat around 7ish. Never had to wait in the dining room .
  8. Our first ocean cruise but have done VR previously. Thanks so much to those who contribute to the boards on Cruise Critic as I felt very prepared in terms of expectations. Ship was very lovely and the staff was absolutely amazing. How these folks remember peoples names, drink preferences, etc is beyond me. Was worried that 900 guests was too big but we never really saw crowds except a couple of times in World Cafe where we had to circle a couple of times to get a table. Agree with others that have posted that some of the included excursions were not all that great especially compared to what we've experienced on river cruises. We did a combination of included, a couple of optional and just our own thing. Some of the port areas were somewhat disappointing in that you would need to take a taxi to get somewhere for other than shopping. We enjoyed the caves in Barbados, kind of wished I had skipped the train in St Kitts and done Nevis instead as people raved about it. We did a private tour in St Lucia which was wonderful. We did a beach day in St Martin. In retrospect I wish I had booked one of the catamaran tours. Food was mostly pretty good although I thought there were a few things that could have been better - more spice or flavor to shrimp dishes, lobster dinner was abit overcooked, some beef not so tender - I did think their NY strip was much better than their rib eye. We ate at both specialty restaurants twice and enjoyed them both. Loved room service for breakfast. There was a small outbreak of norovirus during the cruise which the staff/crew handled amazingly well and were able to contain quickly although there was obviously some impact to the guests. We had a PV which was lovely so if we do ocean again I'm now probably spoiled and won't want to downsize. All in all a very good way to experience VO and a smaller cruise experience, great weather, beautiful islands, met some wonderful people and were totally spoiled by the staff.
  9. We booked a PV3 and got a guaranteed room. We are getting a PV1, deck 6, so, same room but it sells for a higher price and I guess the difference is location.
  10. Don't know specifically about boarding a ship but family visiting us for holidays were told at airport to expect TSA delays up to 3 hours at airports
  11. Last year there was a Valentines special which included free air and free beverage package for several cruises, I think you needed to book for a cruise that left no later than early June, which we took advantage of for the Romantic Danube
  12. My husband does change the time on his pump and he's usually ok with that because he's eating every 4 to 5 hours (except at night hence the snack). You should probably talk with the dr about any specific concerns about potential dosage changes. I would also try to make sure you pack an extra bottle of insulin, I've known people who have dropped and broken a bottle on vacation. He also will sometimes adjust his amount of insulin and take a little less if he knows he's going to be doing physical work (or for a trip, extra walking). I also pack snacks and food for the airport and plane because there are often delays or times when he just needs something.
  13. We travel with glucose tablets, gel and glucagon shots. I always have at least one of these with me on our excursions including maybe a small bottle of coke and some candy. I will also grab an apple or some other fruit from the breakfast buffet and keep it with us. For river cruises I also have made sure we had some fruit, candy and soda in the cabin since he generally has a snack before bed or if there was a low sugar problem during the night. Not as concerned about the food on the ocean trip coming up since they serve snacks, there's 24 hour room service and there's a stocked fridge in the room. The time changes and excursions can mess up my husbands numbers and I've had to deal with low blood sugar more than I care to think about
  14. It's been a few years since we stayed here but we really liked it. Great location for the beach, literally out the door compared to some of the larger hotels. Very close walking distance to bigger hotels for dinner and casino. Was looking to return last year but went to another island due to hurricane issues
  15. Puerto Rico cabs use a flat fee by zone and there is also Uber (although I don't think they can pick up at the airport). I believe the fare from the airport to the cruise terminal is $25 or less per ride. We are doing a cruise which starts and leaves in San Juan and we did our own air rather than use Viking so that we could get non stop flights from Ct. If we had used Viking I'm pretty sure it would have been multiple flights both ways so we just booked on our own and used miles
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