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  1. We have just booked our St Petersburg excursions for July this year. We went with the P&O return to St Petersburg package, which is basically 3 of the smaller tours rolled together into 1 package at a reduced price and gives a bit more freedom in the city, we prefer this to fully organised tours. Our kids are 13 & 10, so it was 3 adult tickets and 1 child, think it was £135 for adults and £86 for child, seemed like decent value to us. So excited...
  2. Is there a kids menu in the MDR? I know that there is a kids buffet in the buffet restaurant a bit earlier but wondered if there is an option for the kids to eat with us (they are fussy and will not eat anything from the main menu). Thanks
  3. We are travelling as family with 2 adults and 2 children but having spent ages trying to work out potential costs still do not think it will be worthwhile for us to spend £1200 on drinks package as I am fairly certain we will not drink anywhere near that amount especially with planning to be off ship on all port days and not being massive drinkers at the best of times let alone when travelling with kids, so its honestly not that attractive to families either.
  4. Do the cabins on Britannia have a safe for storing valuables?
  5. Hi, does anyone have experience of the kids clubs on Britannia for ages 10 & 13. Have the kids enjoyed time in there, is there facilities for them to get drinks there? If there happens to be an issue how would the staff get in touch with you?
  6. Thanks for all the replies. P&O customer services have now told me that there are Defibrillators on board but only in the medical centre for use by the on board medical team. We have a specific form now to get completed by his doctor that can be given to the on board staff so that they have all the information required.
  7. Hi, we have select fare, and it includes the coach transfer from Glasgow to Southampton. Does anyone know where the coach leaves from in Glasgow, approx what time and whether the journey is as bad as i think it might be 🤔
  8. Thanks for the replies, my son has a heart condition and we usually carry our own Defibrillator around with us, had just been hoping that a ship like this would now have equipped them in public areas like so many businesses now do.
  9. Hi, does anyone know whether Britannia has Defibrillators on board, particularly in public areas?
  10. Hi, can anyone tell me where the P&O select complimentary port transfers will drop you off in Stockholm & Copenhagen? Do the transfers back to the ship run regularly? Sorry, first time cruisers and so excited, just want to know as much as possible before we go. Thanks
  11. We are trying to work out the value of the drinks package and im currently thinking that as we are travelling with 2 children 10/13, and they will get unlimited soft drinks/hot chocolate as well as our soft/alcoholic drinks then it will be worth it, taking soft drinks at approx £2 a time and average of £5 per alcoholic drink. Package is £80 per day, adults will probably have 5 alcoholic drinks each per day (£50), couple of coffees & soft drinks each, (£20) and guaranteed kids will have at least 5 soft drinks each per day so i think it will be worth it overall.
  12. What terminal in Southampton does Britannia normally sail from?
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