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  1. was on Gem dec 15-22 last year. It was not cold in our balcony room
  2. I do not know about sail away rates but I just did a regular upgrade we were 2 weeks before our sail and I decided to change my MS to a different one The total price was slightly lower but it was due to NCL lowering the price on the third person in the cabin My PCC told me that at upgrade to a higher cabin I will pay the difference between first 2 persons fare and third person stays the same Because the price on first 2 persons was the same on both cabins, my PCC (with approval from his supervisor) gave it to me as an one-time complimentary upgrade with no extra cost (perks stay the same)
  3. i am on that trip also, and yesterday most of haven cabins mini suites disappeared. maybe there was first round of upgrades
  4. i can confirm as i just added a room for my parents for June 2nd, 2019 cruise to Bermuda and used my extra 2 CN certificates. (2 weeks before cruise)
  5. i agree HockeyDAD they only asked me to pay fare difference times 2 100X2=200 but when i booked 3rd person on my trip was 499+taxes now it is 349+taxes so while the total cost for 3 people is only $50 different , NCL wanted $200 for upgrade and it is not worth it I spoke with my PCC (who is always super helpful) , who talked to his supervisor.
  6. how many people are there. they calculate an upgrade only on first 2 persons in the cabin and third/fourth fare stay the same. i was just trying to do an upgrade for 3 people from one type of balcony to the better one. but while total price is just a little bit higher they upped the prices for first 2 people and lowered for the third in the room so an upgrade was too costly
  7. family minisuites and family oceanview hve bathtub
  8. when i was considering booking the cruise with free 3rd and 4th guest, my PCC said it will not be an issue to cancel them as they are free. Try to talk to NCL again.
  9. I also have wonderful PCC and it is much easier to deal with him directly. i mostly communicate with him through e-mails
  10. also check your credit card policy , if you paid with one. My credit card does give coverage if any family member is sick and cannot travel.
  11. based on my Personal cruise consultant free offers can be changed up to 2 days prior to departure. i do not know how it is works if you booked with TA
  12. they were free in OS. probably just for suites
  13. Are movies on TV free for all the cabins or only for suites? I have only been on one cruise on GEM in OS and they were free, but this time i am going on Escape in MS. My 6 year old son loves a movie a day (even if it is the same one - he watched Hotel Transylvania 3 during our last cruise maybe 8 times)
  14. is it just me or everytime i go to celebrity website it is frozen and i cannot do anything? i tried from google chrome, explorer and 2 different computers
  15. when you have 6 year old you never know when you need to clean, and calling steward all the time is impossible
  16. hi everyone I am going in couple of days to our first cruise. We like to make sure that everything is clean so we need some Clorox wipes for that. Can you purchase them on the ship, get them from cabin steward or should I bring a box from home? thx in advance
  17. I took Port and Crown Royal and asked vodka to be exchanged for Grand Marnier
  18. this is a list I got a month ago for upcoming sail on gem. they agreed to substitute one bottle per my request (wanted grand marnier for my wife) alcohol list.docx
  19. it is correct that you can get extra perks through TA but unless it is a an agent and not online big cruise website, it is easier to do any changes with PCC. for my upcoming trip we booked a suite with our parents and they had to opt out 2 days after the booking because of medical issues. It was after the final payment but our PCC talked to her supervisor and they cancelled their charge with no penalty. Not sure if TA could have accomplished that
  20. I know my cruise consultant is always very pleasant , doesn't matter how many questions or quotes I ask him. I mostly do it over e-mail
  21. in august they were giving obc until they switched to free airfare
  22. tried to use SHBF 15 code and failed SHBF 5 code works fine
  23. I was checking specific carnival journeys through Costco and carnival and noticed a price difference of about 300-400$ for balcony room between sites (before Costco obc and card offers), but I also noticed that a lot of inventory is different. for example carnival site has spa balcony and grand suite available while Costco does not. for example NCL cruise showed exactly same cost (before Costco offers)
  24. i sail in one month and upgrade banner is gone too
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