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  1. How has WiFi been on the Glory lately? Debating between the value & premium packages for our cruise next month. We are on a western Caribbean itinerary out of NOLA if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  2. This is probably a silly question, but if you purchase bottomless bubbles, can you bring your own cup (like a tervis tumbler or a travel mug or something) and ask them to fill that up instead of using individual cups every time? Thanks!
  3. I've been trying to do a price match on an excursion for several days now & I keep getting this error message: Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://www.carnival.com/request-forms/shore-excursion-best-price-guarantee.aspx" on this server. Reference #18.34911160.1547484038.466e784f Is anyone else having the same issue (wondering if maybe there's a glitch with the implementation of the new booking manager site)?
  4. Has anyone done YTD on the Glory recently? Curious as to whether you check in on the Hub app and what wait times look like. We currently have late dining, but are thinking of switching to YTD for a little more flexibility ...
  5. Thanks! I'm thinking it's probably not really worth it for us, then. I appreciate all the comments! 🙂
  6. Looking at possibly getting FTTF for our family, but with 2 cabins the price tag is pretty steep. Thinking it might be nice to be able to board quickly (especially with hangry teenagers at lunchtime, LOL), as well as to have priority debarkation for our 8:30AM excursion in Cozumel, but is it worth $160?? Thoughts?
  7. Thinking of either the Embassy Suites or the Homewood Suites - are either of those doable?
  8. We are planning to combine our cruise with a visit to check out Tulane in March. We’re flying in on a Sunday afternoon with a Monday afternoon embarkation and a Monday morning campus tour. We are planning to stay near the port, and it looks like a 20 min drive to campus from there. Im not at all familiar with NOLA so a couple of questions: 1. We have a 9:00 tour, so I was planning to grab an Uber around 8:00 - is that enough time, or should we leave earlier? 2. If the tour ends at 10:30, what check in time is the earliest we should pick? We’ve got to get back to our hotel & get our luggage, then we we were planning to walk to the ship. Is 12:30 a reasonable check in time? (Trying to avoid either standing around or rushing with hangry teens, LOL) Thanks in advance!
  9. We are cruising out of NOLA on Carnival in March & would like to stay as close to the port as possible, so we can just walk over. Is that at all doable, or am I better off just looking for someplace that offers a shuttle?
  10. We are doing the western Caribbean itinerary on the Glory in March. This is our first cruise, so we’re new to all this and have a couple of questions: first, Is it a good idea to book excursions now or is it better to wait until we are onboard? Not sure if it’s better to lock in now or see if there are any other options we might prefer once we’re on board. second, has anyone ever booked excursions through Costco? They have what appear to be some of the exact excursions carnival offers for about $10/person less (which adds up for a family of 4 over multiple ports!) and they say they guarantee you’ll get back to your ship on time. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the advice! Now I’m seeing that there are interior picture window/obstructed view cabins as well ... Any thoughts on those?
  12. Getting ready to book on Carnoval Glory, and I can’t decide between an Ocean View (Deck 1 or Deck 2) vs a Balcony (Deck 10). I like the price of the Ocean View better, but I’m worried about noise, as DH and I are both light sleepers. Any advice? Thanks!
  13. We are planning on taking our first cruise ever out of New Orleans in March. We'd like to combine it with a college visit for our oldest. With a 4:00 departure on a Monday, how early do we need to be at the port? We'd be done with the college tour around 11:00, so at the port by 12:00-12:30. Is that time enough? Or is there a possibility we'd need to be there before then?
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