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  1. Hello, all! We are arriving in Grand Cayman on the Emerald Princess on Thanksgiving Day 2023 and my wife is on the hunt for cool shells (she would LOVE to find a Conch shell). I've read that some boating companies may find conch shells and clean the innards and give out the conch shell. Has anyone ever had luck collecting / finding a conch (or other cool shells)? If so, any advice on where to go? Thank you to everyone -- I have learned so much from everyone's experience...
  2. One more dumb question (and yes, as a teacher, there are dumb questions)... Do you just go up and get your dessert / drink / fitness class with your medallion? How does the actual process work? How do they check that you have the Plus?
  3. That's good information -- my wife loves the non-alcoholic versions, so that's a plus!
  4. Incredibly beneficial -- thank you!
  5. That makes sense! I appreciate it!
  6. Thank you! Not sure why I cannot get my head around it: I walk up to the bartender and order a drink (I have the Plus package). He charges me $15 for that drink?
  7. So, after reading all of the discussions on Princess Plus / Premier, I now have a question: If you purchase the Princess Plus (or Premier for that matter), are the drinks free (up to $15 each)? Or is it $15 / pp / per day?
  8. Oh, man! Just what they offered on Sea Days....
  9. We are travelling on the partial Panama Canal cruise and was wondering if anyone has any recent patters from this cruise? Thank you in advance!
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