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  1. I did self disembarking on the Seaside last week. They starting letting us off around 7:15 I think but it was a huge line. We walked off pretty early and got to Miami airport by 9 I believe.
  2. We had a great cruise on the Seaside March 7-14. The crew was upbeat and happy. We were cleared early at each port. Everything was clean and they pretty much chased people down with hand sanitizer. My kids had a great week and Ocean Cay was beautiful. I wish I could spend a week there.
  3. I talked to some of the crew. They were very up in the air over what is happening but they were cleaning the ship then they said they have to go to quarantine before being sent home or getting quarantined once home They weren’t sure but they were all very sad to be leaving. They were shocked yesterday when they found out I guess.
  4. I talked to some of the crew while departing the Seaside today. They said they are going to be quarantined before they can go back to their countries. They were very sad to be leaving I felt bad!!
  5. Well I had to have them miss 6 days of school. So I wrote a note telling them. I didn’t think anything of it at the time.
  6. And ironically enough my 18 year old works at the grocery store!! I’m waiting for them to jump on the band wagon with this.
  7. I’m on the Seaside right now. We’re having a great trip. In St Thomas today. Then I get a call from kids school that because we went on this cruise they aren’t allowed back for 14 days. It’s my older daughters senior year so she is not happy. My 11 year old thinks it’s great and I’m secretly hoping to get two weeks off from work lol. We live in Massachusetts. Wondering if this is happening to anyone else??
  8. I’m on the Seaside now too!!! Besides this crappy weather we’re having a great time!! Anxious to get on land tonight though. Looking forward to a beautiful day in St Thomas tomorrow. It’s a nice break from all the bad news. If I could only stop hubby from watching the news!
  9. I’m on the Seaside right now. We’re having fun! They are making everyone use hand sanitizer. They temperature checked every single person. So far so good. Tonight is our first stop in Puerto Rico but running late due to bad weather. Other than that it seems very normal and a nice break from all the bad news going on in the world. It’s me, hubby and our two girls, 18 and 11.
  10. So far so good! Having fun. The boat was so rocky all night. Seems to be getting better now. Thanks for all the encouragement. Glad i came!! No talk of anything negative and it’s a nice break from reality.
  11. Ooh one more question!! How did you get off the ship so early and to the airport? we have a noon flight home so definitely don’t want to miss it!
  12. Yes hubby said the exact thing about theme parks!! we’re actually going to St Thomas, PR and Bahamas but I’m supposed to be on Seaside again in May going to Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico.
  13. Thanks so much!! I do feel better now!!
  14. I’m in Miami with hubby and two kids. About to board the Seaside. At one point I said let’s not get on this ship and rent a car and go to Universal or something. We decided we’re going to get on the ship but I’m so worried about getting quarantined on it for weeks. I really need words of encouragement to get on this ship today!!!!
  15. We’re going on the Seaside tomorrow. I feel like I won’t relax all week. I’m just going to be nervous waiting for something to happen.
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