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  1. I didn't know this was a thing!!! How much are they? So I can buy for me, hubby and kids and never lose anyone??
  2. So if I go with my husband and two kids and buy the package that connects 4 devices can we connect at the same time? I really just want to be able for us all to keep in touch and find each other while on the ship. What is the easiest way? I bought myself the unlimited last time so I did not have to hit stop. If you hit stop then you are not connected?
  3. That's ok! Hubby smokes so maybe now I can look down and find him without running all of the stupid ship LOL.
  4. Hi Pete, I am sailing on Seaside twice next year and was wondering about my rooms. Last year I had an obstructed view and I don't want that again. I will be in room 9086 and 9088 in March-Are they see thru balconies?? And room 10198 in May Thanks so much!!
  5. Thanks!! I figured that was the case but just wanted to double check!!
  6. This is what I am afraid of!!! In March I will be in rooms 9086 and 9088- connecting rooms In May I will be in room 10198. I am hoping none of those rooms have metal balconies!!!
  7. Hi, I am going on a sister's trip and there will be three of us in one cabin on the Seaside. Do we each go to the kiosk and register our own credit cards to our cruise card? My last trip I made a big mistake. I only swiped my card thinking it was per room. Then hubby used his wristband to make purchases and on the day we left I had to stand in a long ass line to settle his bill. I just want everyone to be able to purchase their own stuff with their own credit cards. Also, how will the gratuity get charged to each card? Thanks!!!
  8. We always stay at Best Western on the Bay Inn and Marina. Then we Uber our way to the cruise terminal. They have a restaurant, bar and a nice pool. You can also take a nice walk over the bridge and there is a Walgreens and some stores that way. If you walk the other way we found a Dunkin Donuts in a gas station and a nice italian restaurant to eat at. It is convenient when you don't have a car. Last time I got a bayfront room for no extra. We will be there again in March!
  9. Oh ok I did not know that. When I called and inquired about a room the girl mentioned life boats and it was something I hadn't thought of before so i got nervous. The Seaside is beautiful but when we went in May we had a metal balcony and I had asked many times and was told it was not. I was not happy when I got to the room. I am trying to avoid this happening again!! I am going in March with my husband and kids, then a sisters trip in May. I now realize most of the rooms on either end have metal balconies.
  10. I am cruising on the Seaside in March and someone mentioned to me that my view might be obstructed by life boats. Does anyone know what floor/rooms have obstructed balcony views?? I am also going in May with my sisters and I want to make sure we get a good room. Thanks!!
  11. We cruised on MSC in May out of Miami. I brought a couple of black dresses and a couple of summer type dresses. Hubby wore button down short sleeve shirt a couple of nights. He brought suit but never wore it. To be honest some people were very dressed up and some people were not at all. My feet swelled really bad by day 4 so I ended up having to wear my black flip flops to dinner the rest of the week. I don't think anyone noticed.
  12. Yes I did link the rooms together and I made sure when I booked it over the phone that they knew we had to stay together.
  13. Me and my husband are taking our two kids on the Seaside in March. I booked two rooms that connect but the booking shows one adult and child per room. I just booked the dolphin swim excursion and had to log into each account and book separately. I am concerned that we wont be swimming with the dolphins together as a family. I took this cruise in May with just hubby and as I recall, when we got the balmoral island they assigned each of us a time and there were different groups. Has anyone encountered this? I am also worried because we have a connecting balcony room and I see that sometimes MSC likes to change cabins on people without telling them!!
  14. Oh ok I get it. So basically we link the bookings just to make sure we get the same dinner table! Thanks!
  15. Thanks!! So I did exactly what you said and saved it. Then logged in as myself but I don't see the other booking. Am I supposed to see it? I want to be able to buy excursions all in one place and just pay one time instead of logging out and logging in to the other booking.
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